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Celebrating Our Employees

  • The following comments were received via our @BePositive campaign.

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  • "Joan DePrenger is the librarian at Horn Elementary School, and without her, there wouldn't be as much sunshine in our days. Besides being a librarian, she is a teacher, mentor, friend and more. She always makes sure kids have what they need, and if there isn't a book in the library that a child or staff member needs, she will go out of her way to find it and make suggestions for good reads. Students love going to library with her, her technology skills are amazing and she is always teaching the latest programs to the students. Due to the large population of students at Horn celebrating or observing Ramadan, she invited the students who are fasting to come to the library during their lunch time. There, they can play games and do other activities instead of waiting for lunch time to pass. She volunteered her time because she cares so much about the students and wants them to be comfortable. Joan is amazing and anyone who gets to work with her is very lucky!!!" (Joan DePrenger, Teacher, Horn Elementary School)

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  • "Abbey Abbott organized a synchronized swimming routine that some Horn staff members performed at the school talent show. It brought a lot of fun and laughter to everyone, especially the students of Horn. Mrs. Abbott is the best!" (Abbey Abbott, Teacher, Horn Elementary School)

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  • "Mrs. Sara Duytschaver is a ray of sunshine in our lives. She is always cheerful, friendly, and efficient. Our child loves going to school every day largely because of Mrs Duytschaver. She brings a sense of fun and playfulness to her lessons while maintaining high educational standards. We appreciate her honesty, great sense of humor, and the close attention she pays to each child, and classroom dynamics. Thank you, Mrs Duytschaver!" (Sara Duytschaver, Teacher, Borlaug Elementary School)

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  • "My son looks forward to music class every week. He has learned a variety of music, and the history behind songs. My son is always singing wonderful songs to himself around the house, thank you Mr. Fordice for being a great role model and sharing joy through music. Your concert at Mann was delightful!" (Bill Fordice, Teacher, Mann Elementary School)

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  • "Dear Mr. Scott, You are by far the best teacher I’ve ever had. The best thing about being your student is definitely your funny personality. You can turn almost anything into something fun. I’ve learned so many amazing things from you. You have made school something to look forward to. I made this card to thank you for making 4th grade such an amazing experience. Thank you. From your favorite student 😊" (Brian Scott, Teacher, Lemme Elementary School)

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We Welcome You!

  • ICCSD Apple Logo The Iowa City Community School District serves nearly 14,000 students and is the 5th largest school district in the state of Iowa. The District covers roughly 133 square miles with 18 preschool sites, 21 elementary schools, 3 junior high schools, 3 comprehensive high schools, and 1 alternative high school. Our high schools rank among the best in the state, and our ACT test scores sit well above the state and national averages. We aim to create an exemplary school district that is acknowledged for the caliber of our graduates, the quality of our staff, and the excellence of our programs.

    Iowa City Community School District Strategic Plan

District News

  • District Breaks Ground on New Elementary School in North Liberty

    The Iowa City Community School District broke ground Tuesday on a new school in North Liberty. Grant Elementary School—named after Dr. Christine Grant, a trailblazer in women’s athletics—will open in the fall of 2019. Dr. Grant was present for the groundbreaking alongside future students of the school.

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  • RUN CRANDIC Check Presentation

    On May 21, 2018, at Van Allen Elementary, the Iowa City Community School District was presented a check for $27,685, its portion of the fundraising proceeds from the 1st Annual RUN CRANDIC held on Sunday, April 29th. The Cedar Rapids Community School District also was a benefactor of the run, which was sponsored by the University of Iowa Community Credit Union. Roughly 3,100 runners took part in the event.

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  • West High Accentuates the Positive with New Behavior Program

    A new program, started this year by Assistant Principal Luke DeVries, encourages teachers to submit “Positive Behavior Referrals” detailing qualities that individual students bring to the classroom. Students receive an individualized email with specific, personalized feedback—with their parents/guardians, the teacher, and the school administration all included in the communication loop. Nearly 2,800 positive referrals have been sent to West High students this year.

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  • @BePositive Campaign

    The Iowa City Community School District wants to celebrate the amazing work taking place in classrooms across our District thanks to our incredible team of educators, support staff, and administrators. In an effort to share some of these inspiring stories, the District is launching the @BePositive campaign. @BePositive is a platform where students, staff, and parents can submit anonymous comments of praise for those who display positive behaviors and attitudes in our school community. We believe it is important to shed light on the actions taking place that really make a difference in our schools. Continue reading for instructions on how to submit a comment.

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  • ICCSD Foundation Awards Excellence Fund Grants

    The ICCSD Foundation has awarded its 2018-19 Excellence Fund Grants to nine projects in the Iowa City Community School District. The Foundation received 34 applications filled with creative, student-focused ideas. The fund’s $50,000 was distributed among the following programs ...

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Superintendent's Message

  • Stephen Murley When people think about our schools, words like traditional and established come to mind, but also responsive, innovative, creative, and progressive. For more than one hundred years, the Iowa City Community School District has been the instructional leader in eastern Iowa, across the state, and throughout the nation. 

    What makes the Iowa City Community School District so special? A talented and dedicated staff is the foundation of our success. Walking through the halls of our schools, you will notice the pride our employees take in their work. Everything we do is focused toward providing the finest educational opportunities for the children of our community. Expectations are high — for students and employees — and it shows time and time again in the recognition of our people and programs.

    Our community sets a high priority on the education of its youth. Strong, open communication and efficient use of tax dollars are cornerstones of citizen support for the District’s educational programs. Community partnership and input into our planning are key components of our schools’ success.

    There are many ways to measure the quality of education in a community. We feel confident that you will find that quality is the hallmark in each of our schools. When you visit our classrooms, you will see firsthand what educational excellence is all about in the Iowa City Community School District.

    Stephen F. Murley
    Superintendent of Schools