Welcome to 4th Grade!

  • Flower Image Homework: Your 4th grader has a planner and a take-home folder.  My advice:  Don't ask if your child has homework.  INSTEAD, ask to see the planner.  The homework should be written down there.  If your child completed it at school, s/he puts a checkmark by it.

    Homework at this age level isn't related strongly to achievement, but we hope to build good habits.  And, sometimes, we need a little extra time to get everything done.

    I don't require a parent signature, but you are welcome to sign the planner if that is a routine that works for you and your child.

    Reading: Your child is asked to read 20 minutes every day outside school.  This can be you reading with or to your 4th graders.  In fact, that's particularly wonderful since you can have conversations about books.

    Spelling: This year, the 4th grade teachers are trying to have the students complete the spelling packet at school, but we'd like you to encourage some study at home.  4R students have lists in their take home folders.  Also, all our lists are on Spelling City (find the link below). Students who take the challenge words on the pretest and score 90% or above are eligible for Alternate Spelling and have an alternate assignment.  With schedules this year, I'm currently looking at THURSDAY for our posttest.

    Math: Homework depends on how class goes, but there is often a sheet from the enVision Math to do or finish. Occasionally, I assign basic fact practice. This can be flashcards or just you quizzing your student. There are lots of websites as well.  Check the Student Links on the Library webpage.

    Other: Other subjects get homework less frequently.

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