Attendance 101

  • Attendance 101
    WHY IS ATTENDANCE SO IMPORTANT?  Attendance at school is vitally important to a student’s success.  Research proves it.  It is so important, the No Child Left Behind legislation includes attendance as a key component for successful schools.   

    Let’s start with some definitions:   

    Unexcused/Truant:  A student who is absent from school without parent communication or an acceptable excuse.  A STUDENT MAY BE CONSIDERED UNEXCUSED EVEN WITH PARENT CONTACT. 

    Excused:  A student who is absent with parent communication and an acceptable excuse. 

    Approved:  A student is participating in a school activity or the school has received medical or legal documentation. 

    The school principal holds the final decision as to whether an absence is excused or approved.  

    Acceptable excuses for absences and tardies: 

    1. Evidence that the student is not in proper physical or mental condition to attend school or an    educational program. The district may request the parent or guardian to obtain a written statement from a physician or licensed practitioner  
    2. Medical, dental, chiropractic, optometric or other valid professional appointments. Parents or guardians are requested to make their appointments during non-school hours. 
    3. A death in the immediate family or funerals for close relatives. 
    4. Religious holidays. 
    5. Family trips that can be taken only during the normal school term. A parent/guardian shall be required to notify the school attendance officer prior to leaving on vacation.  If attendance is satisfactory, the attendance officer may excuse up to 5 days a year for family trips.  Student vacations or trips without parent/guardian accompaniment are not excused absences. 
    6. A court appearance or other legal procedure which requires the attendance of the student. 
    7. A quarantine as imposed by a public health officer. 
    8. Attendance at special events of educational value or school activities as approved by the school attendance officer. 
    9. Special circumstances that show good cause which the school attendance officer approves in advance. 
    10. Out of school suspension.  

    Heads up!  You will be notified by us if your student reaches the following levels of absences: 

    8 Excused, 12 Excused, 3 Unexcused, 5 Unexcused (a parent conference is held and an attendance plan developed), 5 Tardies to School, 8 Tardies to School (a parent conference is held and an attendance plan developed).  

    If absences continue after the parent conference and attendance plan, the school will refer the student to the Johnson County Attorney and a hearing with a Judge will be scheduled.