Facility Use


    Use of Iowa City Community School District facilities are governed under Administrative Guidelines 908, 908.1, 908.2 and 908.3. Anyone requesting use of any of the facilities in the Iowa City Community School District should complete the required facility use form and submit it to the building you are requesting use at. Your application will be reviewed to make certain it meets the Administrative Guidelines and if approved, availability of the requested space will be confirmed. Once the application is approved and the space availability is confirmed you will be emailed a confirmation letter that will include any rental fees and the requirement of a Certificate of Insurance. You will also be notified if your request is denied for any reason. Please allow 3-5 days for processing of your request.

    The District utilizes rSchool Today to schedule facility rentals.  Please click here if you would like to request space at any of our buildings.  Space within our elementary buildings is not available for use during the summer months.  Please note, all scheduling must be done within rSchool Today through the above link.

    Please note: When the District has a school cancellation or early release due to weather, all facility use reservations are cancelled.

    Please submit requests one per building.  Any requests submitted listing multiple buildings within one request will be denied.

    The following schools have a 28E Agreement for rentals at their building.  Please contact the Parks & Rec Department noted by the school to make reservations:

    • Borlaug Elementary - Coralville Parks & Rec
    • Garner Elementary - North Liberty Parks & Rec
    • Van Allen Elementary - Coralville Parks & Rec
    • Wickham Elementary - Coralville Parks & Rec
    • Wood Elementary - Iowa City Parks & Rec

Facility Use Building Contacts

Building Requested Building Contact E-Mail Address
Alexander Elementary Carol Lewis lewis.carol@iowacityschools.org
Borlaug Elementary Mary Gauthier gauthier.mary@iowacityschools.org
City High Ann Hanrahan hanrahan.ann@iowacityschools.org
Coralville Central Elementary Jamie Henze henze.jamie@iowacityschools.org
Garner Elementary Heidi Eckhardt eckhardt.heidi@iowacityschools.org
Hills Elementary Kathy Stevens stevens.kathy@iowacityschools.org
Hoover Elementary Shelly Maxwell maxwell.shelly@iowacityschools.org
Horn Elementary Lisa Pauley pauley.lisa@iowacityschools.org
Kirkwood Elementary Christina King king.christina@iowacityschools.org
Lemme Elementary Kim Cross cross.kim@iowacityschools.org
Lincoln Elementary Shelley Slay slay.shelley@iowacityschools.org
Longfellow Elementary Stacia Nkumu nkumu.stacia@iowacityschools.org
Lucas Elementary Angela Kessler kessler.angela@iowacityschools.org
Mann Elementary Linda Prybil prybil.linda@iowacityschools.org
North Central Jr High Carla Brinkman brinkman.carla@iowacityschools.org
Northwest Jr High Emelia Oleson oleson.emelia@iowacityschools.org
Penn Elementary Becky Recker recker.becky@iowacityschools.org
Shimek Elementary Amy Brandt brandt.amy@iowacityschools.org
South East Jr High Aryana Ruiz ruiz.aryana@iowacityschools.org
Tate High Sandy Barnes barnes.sandy@iowacityschools.org
TREC Sara Eisenberg eisenberg.sara@iowacityschools.org
Twain Elementary Jennifer Aldrich aldrich.jennifer@iowacityschools.org
Van Allen Elementary Karen Smith smith.karen@iowacityschools.org
Weber Elementary LeAnn Otterbein otterbein.leann@iowacityschools.org
West High Beckie Smalley smalley.beckie@iowacityschools.org
Wickham Elementary Whitney Wessling wessling.whitney@iowacityschools.org
Wood Elementary Tricia Perez perez.tricia@iowacityschools.org
District Contact Dorian Aragon aragon.dorian@iowacityschools.org