Meet the Ombuds, Janet Abejo-Parker

  • I was appointed to the Ombuds ("awm-buhdz") position as of August 2021 and am honored to be serving the community in this role. My educational background is in psychology, human resources, and law. I am a trained mediator and currently teach dispute resolution as an adjunct professor. I am a member of the International Ombudsman Association (IOA) and practice in accordance with IOA Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.

My Role

  • The Ombuds Office is a general concern office and conflict resolution resource for District constituents, including students, parent/guardians, and employees regarding school and/or District-related matters. The Office is a critical component in the District's efforts to raise awareness of concerns; promote a civil, equitable, and inclusive organization; and improve organizational culture.

    When possible, the Ombuds will facilitate outcomes that build trust, enhance relationships, improve communication, and promote continuous improvement within the organization.

    My primary duties as Ombuds are to:

    1. Assist individuals with exploring options to address District and school-related conflict and concerns; and
    2. Raise awareness of emerging issues and concerns.

    NOTICE: Due to the voluntary nature of the Ombuds Office, those who elect to utilize its services will be understood to have agreed to the terms, conditions, and principles on which it was created and not call on the Ombuds to testify or produce documents in any formal, administrative, legal, or other proceedings. Communication with the Ombuds Office does not place the organization on formal notice. The Office cannot guarantee confidentiality of email communications. Contact via phone is encouraged for submission of information.


Guiding Principles