Board Policies Introduction

  • The ICCSD Board of Education operates under the principles of Policy Governance©, a model of board governance created by John Carver that compels boards to make policy decisions, not operational decisions. We believe that the role of the School Board is to reflect the educational priorities of our community through our policies, to hire a competent superintendent to administer those policies, and to regularly monitor progress to ensure success in reaching our objectives. We seek to provide leadership to the District through long range planning and direction setting, not to merely rubber stamp the decisions of the administration or engage in micromanagement of day to day operations.  

    The Board Policies to follow clearly state this District’s expectations for student performance. They delineate Superintendent responsibility and outline values concerning day to day operations. They also describe how we will judge the success of the ICCSD. Evaluation of District performance is integral to the Board’s job and is accomplished on an ongoing basis through the use of Management Information System (MIS) reports. MIS reports contain information directly related to the expectations set by the Board in our Ends Policies and Superintendent Limitations Policies and allow systematic monitoring of policy compliance.

    In accordance with its governance policies, the Board’s link to the District is through the Superintendent. However, references to the Superintendent in this document necessarily include anyone to whom the Superintendent may delegate responsibility.

    The most thorough explanation of the Policy Governance© model used to develop the Board Policies outlined here is in Boards That Make a Difference by John Carver (Jossey‐Bass, 2nd edition, 1997). A brief introduction to Carver’s model can also be found online at

    The Board Policies are those set by the Board to govern the ICCSD. They are not the only policies in effect in the District. Additional policies which relate to more specific aspects of District functioning, including many required by law, are available for review at the Educational Services Center.  

    Approved:  January 11, 2005