School Counseling Program

  • A School Counselor Can Help Students With: 

    • Personal/Social Issues 
    • Academic Concerns 
    • Future Planning

    School Counseling Program at Longfellow Elementary
    In order to meet with the school counselor referrals and appointments can be made. Your student will also be involved in classroom guidance lessons and some students will receive individual or group counseling sessions.

    The School Counselor can serve as a mediator and will collaborate in order to more effectively meet student needs. These efforts place attention onto the whole child; an important counseling technique and teaching of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. 

    The Mission of School Counseling at Longfellow Elementary
    The purpose of Longfellow Elementary School’s comprehensive, developmental school counseling program is to address the unique needs of elementary school children through a proactive approach. The foundation of our program corresponds with the school’s character plan: Safe, Supportive, and Responsible. The many roles of school counselors are aimed at improving the lives of students as well as the culture of the school. Our comprehensive school counseling program will help students acquire a quality education which ultimately enriches students in their personal/social, academic, and career goals along with providing the skills needed to become a productive citizen in a diverse society.

  • Meet Our School Counselor!
    Hallie Gilmore