Absences and Grading

  • Absences: 
    Emphasis in PE is on participation. Students may only earn points toward their grade by being an active participant in class. All absences not covered by a written medical excuse, signed by a physician, will have to be made up. Medical excuses are to be used for extended absences only (three or more class periods) or for activity restrictions due to injury or illness. Most doctors' offices should have the required medical excuse form.  Absences must be made up to earn credit for the class missed. Please see your individual teacher for their make up policies. These will be handed out at back to school night and posted in the locker rooms.

    School excused absences: Students are allowed on (1) school excused absence per unit of instruction. More than one school excused absence in a unit and the class will have to be made up to receive credit for that day. 

    Parent notes: You may find that an occasion arises when your child may not be able to participate in PE for a specific reason and you would like to send a note to the PE teacher to excuse them (no credit will be given) for the PE class that day. You may do this, however, the class has to be made up within one week of the excused class or it will be considered a non-participation day and your child will receive no credit for the class. The student is expected to remain with their PE class. 

    Please keep in mind that if a student is well enough to attend school they are expected to participate in PE. Parent notes are to be used for one class period only, not entire units.

    Each class is PE worth 10 points. Points are earned by dressing for class and actively participating in the entire class. Additional points are earned based on a timed run test. Other points may be earned on test scores or other assignments. 
    **In some instances a student who is not dressed appropriately for class will not be allowed to participate and will not receive credit for this class. You cannot make up a class for credit if you refuse to dress out. Make up opportunities are for those students who have been absent.