PE Guidelines and Procedures

  • Clothing: 
    Students are to wear special clothing to Physical Education classes. We feel that the following requirements allows for greater ease of movement, is safe (no buckles, belt loops etc. to catch or snag on equipment) and is designed specifically for physical activity. We ask that students not wear their regular school clothing to PE due to the extra wear and tear on the clothing as well as for personal hygiene reasons.

    The following clothing is required for PE class:
           A regular T-shirt, long or short sleeved. Shirts with buttons, zippers, turtlenecks and the like are not allowed. 

           Regular gym shorts with an elastic or drawstring waist. No zippers, belts, belt loops, buttons etc. 

           Tennis shoes. The tennis shoes must be designed for physical activity such as running, jumping etc. Athletic tennis                   shoes, not hiking or fashion type shoes.  Shoes must be secured firmly on the feet with laces or Velcro.
           Sweatpants and sweatshirts are recommended for cooler outdoor activities.

           Swimming suit and towel. One-piece suits are strongly recommended for girls. No gym shorts for boys, they must                  have trunks designed as swim wear.  Goggles are highly recommended for units that include lap swimming or                      lessons, usually 1st trimester. 

    T-shirts must have the owner's last name displayed permanently on the back of the shirt where it can be easily read. One inch letters work well. It is recommended that the student's name be placed on all clothing articles for identification purposes. 

    Clean "loaner" clothes are usually available from the PE staff for students who do not have the proper clothing or who forget their PE clothes. Students must be dressed out properly for class to participate.