Weber Mission Statement

  • The Weber Community of students, staff and parents will:
    Connect people to create community,
    Connect curriculum to achieve coherence,
    Connect classrooms and resources to enrich the climate, and
    Connect learning to life to build character.

    A strong community of learners develops by establishing a shared purpose in a climate that is communicative, just, disciplined, caring, trusting, and celebratory. 

    A vital partnership is created between home and school by extending our community outward to embrace parents and the larger school community. 

    The professional learning community is committed to empowering teachers to purposefully engage in professional renewal, collaborate in teams and serve as mentors to both students and other colleagues. 

    Literacy is the first and most essential goal, including words, numbers and the arts. Together these essential tools of learning help create a curriculum with coherence that connects the student’s world to the real world. 

    The needs of all learners are addressed through a coherent, articulated curriculum aligned with research based practices and interventions.  High levels of learning are expected for every student. 

    Data is collected and analyzed to direct instruction to meet the needs of all learners and communicate progress to students, parents and the community. 

    The academic, social, physical, and emotional needs of the child are supported through a wide range of resources and school organization patterns that fit the purpose. 

    Through practice of our seven core virtues: respect, responsibility, honesty, self- discipline, perseverance, compassion and giving, students become disciplined, independent, creative, and motivated learners.  This ensures that all students leave Weber with a sense of empathy, tolerance, personal/civic responsibility…the Weber Way! 

    Technology is an available tool for all students to use efficiently, effectively and creatively to develop thinking skills, organize and process information, reinforce prior learning, enhance communication and make responsible decisions as global citizens.