School Climate Survey

  • The purpose of our School Climate Survey is to collect information about our student's experiences in the classroom and school environment so they can tell us what is working in their schools and what needs improvement. The results of this survey have been and will continue to be used to inform district-level policies and priorities, goal setting, and the identification of areas of strength and opportunity for growth.

    All information collected will be confidential. Information from the survey will be linked to student demographic data from Infinite Campus to examine group differences in experiences. Individual identifiers (such as name, student email, and student ID) will be removed from the data for analysis and in any reporting (internal and external). 

      School Climate Survey FAQ

      • Frequently Asked Questions

      • How do students access the survey?

      • Why are students taking this survey?

      • How are survey results used?

      • Why does the survey ask about race, gender identity and sexual orientation?

      • Are these questions age appropriate?

      • How should reactions and questions from students be handled?

      • Why should students participate in the survey?

      • How do we know student responses are valid?

      • What accommodation are provided? (for example, for students in lower grades, students with IEPs in place, and ELL students):

      • Will students in the Online Learning Program participate?

      History of Our School Climate Survey

      • In 2015, our District began a research-practice partnership with the University of Iowa Public Policy Center to help address the disparities in our District and work toward achieving our goal “that all students can achieve at high levels and that equitable classrooms are essential to their success.” To reach this goal, our District now administers a Student Climate Survey every year to collect data and monitor improvement.

        Our District created a partnership with Dr. Sarah Bruch, former Director of the Social and Education Research Program, and the University of Iowa Public Policy Center. The broad aim of this research partnership was to improve the equitability of school experiences for students in our school district by collaborating with the University to provide research expertise and capacity to conduct data collection and analysis, and to project, implement and design research-based solutions to existing disparities.

      Parent Equity and Engagement Survey