Our Clients

      • Healthy Kids School-based Health Clinics (HKSBHC) aims to work collaboratively with local providers in terms of clients served.  We serve children and adolescents ages 0-21, residents of Johnson County, who are uninsured, underinsured, and those having trouble reaching healthcare services.  A few examples of clients served include:

        • New Iowa residents transitioning to receive medical insurance (either public or private)
        • Children who are ineligible for healthcare services due to a variety of circumstances
        • Underinsured children, whose family medical insurance plans offer only acute care but do not cover general well-child exams
        • Children who have fallen out of healthcare eligibility due to a variety of circumstances
        • Children who have been referred via school personnel who are working with families to access primary care
        • Children of traveling/visiting scholars who may only have an emergency or acute medical coverage

        If your child has health insurance, our Clinic Coordinators can help connect families with a local pediatrician, family practice provider, dentist, or ophthalmologist.  If your child has TXIX/Medicaid or Hawk-i, you may also call Johnson County Public Health's Child Health Department at (319) 356-6045 for additional assistance to connect to a medical provider. 

      Our History

      • October 2003: Access to healthcare identified as a need at ICCSD Barriers to Learning Conference 

        2004: Unmet Needs Taskforce Organized, co-chaired by Dr. Jody Murph & Dr. Pete Wallace.  Proposal to Unmet Task Needs to start school-based health clinic.  Data gathered. Development & oversight by ICCSD Health Services. University of Iowa President Skorton put College of Medicine Dean Jean Robbilard in charge to further discuss health barriers and figure out how to involve the University of Iowa in addressing them

        2006: Application for United Way Community Priority Grant for $37,500 start-up money.  United Way Emerging Philanthropist Society makes school-based health clinics a new initiative. Healthy Kids continues at $35,000/year 
        Additional contributions include our endowment fund via Community Foundation of Johnson County:

        • Mercy Iowa City pledged matching $500,000 funds over 5 years
        • ACT pledged $125,000 over 5 years

        Spring 2007: Pilot clinics begin, 4 clinic sites rotating weekly

        January 2008: Weekly clinics held, West High School 

        2008-2011:  Bi-weekly clinics held at West High and South East Junior High School clinic sites, respectively

        2011-2016:  Bi-weekly clinics held at Northwest Junior High and South East Junior High school clinics, respectively

        2017-present: Addition of clinic site at City High School.  Northwest and South East Junior High School clinics continue.

      Our Services

      • Our Clinic Services Include:

        • Well-child Physicals Exams
        • Pre-participation athletic physicals
        • Immunizations
        • Treatment of Illnesses
        • Basic Laboratory Tests
        • Referrals for Complex Laboratory Text
        • X-ray Referrals
        • Prescription for Medication
        • Health Education
        • Mental Health Care/Referrals 
        • Referrals for Specialty Care
        • Dental Care/Referrals
        • Referral for Eye Care
        • Referral for sexual health
        • Assistance for families needing a healthcare provider
        • Assistance for families applying for TXIX or Hawk-I

        Services we do not offer:

        • Hospitalizations
        • Emergency visits

      Staff, Providers, & Board

      • Staff Members: 

        Dr. Maguerite Oetting, Medical Director 
        Jamie Nguyen, Program Clinic Coordinator
        Ladiester Janania, Psych Clinic Coordinator
        Guadalupe Hurtado, Assistant Clinic Coordinator
        Diana Howell, Assistant Clinic Coordinator      

        Our Providers:

        Dr. Maguerite Oetting, UIHC Pediatrician
        Dr. Victoria Tann, UIHC Family Practice Physician
        Dr. Nancy Beyer, UIHC Child Psychiatrist
        Dr. Hao Tran, Pediatrician (Volunteer)
        Dr. Susan Wall, Dermatologist (Volunteer)   
        Dr. Elizabeth Pfohl, Pediatric Dentist (Volunteer)   

        Advisory Board Members:

        Anne Vandenberg, Advisory Board Chair
        Mary Issah
        Maria Lofgren       
        Charlie Nusser
        Chace Ramey
        Pete Wallace