Tutoring for LINKS Students

  • Linking K-12 students in temporary housing and homeless situations with certified teacher/tutors to improve learning.

    One-on-One Tutoring

    Tutoring is the cornerstone of the LINKS program.  Students in temporary housing and homeless situations are able to receive up to two hours of one-on-one tutoring with a certified teacher each week.

    Better subject knowledge and improved academics

    Certified teacher-tutors work with students to improve study habits and methods of organization. They help students complete homework and prepare for upcoming tests, quizzes and projects. Tutors help kids fill in holes,  catch up,  and keep up in school.

    Increased self-esteem and self-confidence Helping students feel better about themselves is important in forming new friendships, having a positive attitude towards school, and displaying less disruptive behavior in school.  

    A positive role model

    Our students look up to their tutors and see them as examples of what they can be in their own lives. Just by being there every week, tutors teach students that they can do anything they put their minds to. Tutors can show students the many educational and career paths available to them.

    How to enroll in the LINKS Learning Connection

    • Are you living in a temporary housing or homeless situation?
    • Have you completed a McKinney-Vento Affidavit with the Student & Family Advocate at the school?

    If you answered yes to both of these questions, and have been verified as eligible for McKinney-Vento benefits for this academic year, please contact your Student & Family Advocate or Guidance Counselor listed below to get the process started.


    Click here to Request for more information about the LINKS Learning Connection 

    **If you are not living in a temporary housing or homeless situation this academic year, you are not eligible for this McKinney-Vento program
    **If you are in a homeless situation and have not been certified as McKinney-Vento Eligible , please contact the Student and Family Advocate listed below.

    Student & Family Advocates 

    School Student & Family Advocate Phone
    West Jamie Schneider - Greg Yoder - John Roarick
    City Thos Trefz - Tom Carey - Amy Kahle 319-688-1040
    Tate Amber Herring 319-688-1080
    Trec Kara Prantner 319-688-1300
    NWJH Heidi Gartelos 319-688-1060
    SEJH Sam Karrel - Nicole Spear - Allison Freitag 319-688-1070
    NCJH Sabrena Shields 319-688-1210
    Alexander Shannon Miner 319-688-1095
    Borlaug Megan Recker 319-688-1155
    Coralville Central Becca Bender 319-688-1100
    Garner Jill Winders 319-688-1190
    Hills Kris Mowatt 319-688-1105
    Hoover Kris Mowatt 319-688-1110
    Horn Megan Recker 319-688-1115
    Kirkwood Megan Lobb 319-688-1120
    Lemme Amanda Mosely
    Lincoln Becca Bender 319-688-1130
    Longfellow Amanda Mosely
    Lucas Yolanda Spears 319-688-1140
    Mann Ladiester Janania 319-688-1145
    Penn Kris Hynek 319-688-1150
    Shimek Ladiester Janania 319-688-1160
    Twain Allison Krause 319-688-1165
    Van Allen Danielle Weipert 319-688-1185
    Weber Michael Shaw 319-688-1170
    Wickham Heidi Gartelos
    Wood Annie Servin 319-688-1180
    Youth & Family Development Joan VandenBerg 319-688-1015

    M-V Tutoring Start

    M-V Tutoring Stop