Our Menus & Nutritional Analysis

  • Our District uses a system called MealViewer for our school breakfast, lunch, and ala carte menus and nutritional information. MealViewer has over a dozen powerful features designed to create a better school nutrition experience for parents and students. The system includes school menus, user profiles, allergen alerts, nutrition calculator, as well as many other features. 

    Important Disclaimer: Indicating allergens or preferences on the MealViewer site DOES NOT replace the need for you to complete the Diet Modification Request Form which needs to be completed annually and provided to your school's nurse. The Diet Modification Request Form is required for any student who has any specific dietary needs in which the school needs to be aware.

  • MealViewer
  • Diet Modification Request Form

MealViewer User Information

  • How to Use the MealViewer Allergy Menu

  • How to Use the MealViewer Alternate Entrées

  • How to Use the MealViewer Nutrition Calculator

  • How to Use the MealViewer Nutritional Menu