• Syllabus



    Learning Support






    Content: The content of Learning Support services is determined by the student’s Individual Education Plan (IEP). Meaningful instruction is provided in areas that will support the students in his or her general education classes as well as preparing them for the transition from junior high school to high school.


    Learning Support: Services may include: organizational skills, parent communication, listening and participation skills, interpersonal skills, self-advocacy, increased independence, associate support, assignment completion, modifications/accommodations necessary for coursework, and effective study strategies.


    Assessment: Students will be individually assessed based on the goals and objectives of his/her Individual Education Plan. Assessment may take the form of daily checks, teacher/associate observations, monitoring, and alternative assessments. The South East attendance policy may also be taken into account.


    Classroom Rules: Appropriate behavior in class is essential for learning. Students will be expected to follow the South East Jr. High “SOAR” policy as well.


    Coursework: In addition to academic and social support, students will be provided with lessons that reflect the philosophy of the mission of the Iowa City Community School District. Lessons will promote… “responsible and independent learners capable of making informed decisions in a democratic society as well as in the dynamic global community…strengthened by collaborative partnerships with families and the entire community.” Lessons will be individually based and evaluated.