• Course Syllabus

    Classroom Policies & Procedures


    Welcome to class!  We have a busy semester ahead of us and the following information should be helpful for making this a successful semester for everyone.


    THE 3 R’s: The 3 R’s represent the expectations I have for student behavior in my classroom.  

    RESPECT: Students are expected to respect themselves, their classmates, property, the

    teacher, and classroom guests.  We are all here to become mathematicians, which is hard

    work! This is not a place to make fun of other individuals, talk while your colleagues are

    talking, or disrespecting the classroom by using inappropriate language.  I make every effort

    to treat each of you with respect & I expect the same in return.


    REASONABLENESS: Students are expected to exhibit reasonable behavior in the classroom.  

    As junior high school students you are well aware of the routine and appropriate behavior for a

    school.  If you are unsure about your behavior . . .you should use that as a cue to change it.


    RESPONSIBILITY: Take responsibility for your actions & your learning! Students are

    expected to be in class, on time EVERY DAY!  We will work hard, learn a lot, and have a little

    fun in the process . . . none of which you can be a part of if you are not in the classroom.



    Be sure to bring

    • Pencils

    • Notebook paper

    • Geometry textbook

    • Calculator

    • Cell phone


    DAILY WORK/CONTINUED WORK (10%): Sometimes the mathematics work we do will be assigned during class and should be completed before leaving the same day (called Daily Work).  Daily work will consist mostly of explorations, but may also include warm-ups, book assignments, board work and classroom activities. Students unable to finish daily work in class should talk to me before leaving class.  Other times the mathematics work we do will need to be completed outside of class.  Work that must be continued outside of the classroom will always be due the day of the next test.


    WORK OUTSIDE OF CLASS (Student choice): Although work done outside of class will typically not be graded, I will also post suggested practice problems on the class website for students wanting extra practice with the material in class. The work will not be graded or turned in for credit, but I will be happy to answer questions about the material.


    GROUP QUIZZES (20%)/ INDIVIDUAL QUIZZES (30%): Typically, quizzes will be given twice during the unit to check for understanding.  One quiz will be a group quiz; the other will be taken individually.  Students absent the day of the quiz need to make up the quiz before the scheduled unit test.  Students absent from class the day the group quiz is taken will take the quiz individually.  Students with other school commitments scheduled during a group quiz will be expected to reschedule their commitments, or take the group quiz individually.


    TESTS: (40%): Tests will be given at the end of each unit.  All tests will be cumulative and students will be permitted to use one notecard (4”x6”) and their calculator on the test.  Each test will be worth 100 points.  Students absent the day of the unit test will need to make up the test before the next test.


    FINAL: All students will take a final exam the last day of the semester.  The final exam will be worth 500 points.


    MAKE UP WORK: When a student misses class for any reason all make up work will be due in class the day of the next scheduled test.  Students absent the day before the test (chapter review/work day) will still be expected to take the test and turn in all chapter assignments the day they are back.  Make up assignments may be different from the assignment given in class.  Arrangements for students with excessive absences during the chapter should be discussed with the teacher before the day of the test.


    CHEATING/PLAGARISM: Students caught cheating will receive a “0” for the assignment/test with the chance to redo the assignment/test for half-credit.  When a student is caught cheating parents will be contacted by the student.


    LATE WORK/TEST & QUIZ MAKE UP: Student work will always be accepted after the due date for 50% credit.  All quizzes and tests must be made up before the next scheduled unit  test to earn full credit.  Tests and quizzes made up after the next chapter test will be worth half credit.


    GRADING SCALE: I will use the following grading scale for all homework, test, quizzes, and final grades.

    100%  - 92% A 79.5% - 76.50% C+ 62.5% - 60% D-

    92% - 89.5% A- 76.5% - 72.5% C 59.99% F

    89.5% - 86.50% B+ 72.5% - 69.50% C-

    86.5% - 82.5% B 69.5% - 66.50% D+

    82.5% - 79.50% B- 66.5% - 62.50% D


    HELP OUTSIDE OF CLASS: I will be more than happy to answer any questions about daily work, tests, or any other questions you may have about class. In general, if you have many questions about an assignment it is important to contact me before coming to class the day the assignment is due.


    If the need arises to contact me outside of school, please email me at my school email address (degner.kate@iowacityschools.org)  and I will arrange a time to meet with you or answer your question.


    I’m really looking forward to a great year of mathematics for all of us.  At any time if I can be of help to you, please do not hesitate to contact me.  Welcome to class!