• Transition Services Center CAPSTO Logo The purpose of CAPSTO shall be to continually promote and provide assistance for a quality educational program at Transition Services Center. 

    The goals of the CAPSTO are to:

    • Promote the acquisition of skills in the areas of living, learning, working and social communication skills of our students in the home, school, work environment and community.
    • Provide the teachers, staff and students with programs, events, and materials that enhance the curriculum and encourage school spirit.
    • Provide resources and/or financial assistance for activities and services beyond that provided by the school district, in accordance with current accepted school 
    • Foster communication among parents/guardians, students, teachers, staff, elected school officials, businesses, adult services, medical resources and the community.
    • Cooperate with district and community wide organizations and agencies that have similar interests in the education and welfare of young adults.

CAPSTO Committees

  • a. Community Outreach

    • Business Connections and Fundraising; Peer mentoring, best buddies, thanking businesses, fundraising for activities at TSC.

    b. TSC Support and Community Arts

    • Recreation and Music; Connections for our students and schools within our larger communities, volunteers to assist with events such as graduation,   houses, and teacher appreciations.

    c. Public Relations

    • Social Media, Newsletter, Brochures, Success stories, News station. Highlighting the good works of TSC, ideas about getting information out to the public in different ways and on-going, emblem or sticky for businesses to recognize their participation in work.