PE Expectations

  • Coach K Promise:

    • Be present and on time for class
    • Update student grades on Fridays
    • Allow opportunities for make up
    • Teach different activities, free choice days
    • Be respectful, safe and responsible 

    PE Student Agreement:

    • Be on time to the cafeteria
      o   Sign clipboard for traveling
    • No phones out/use on campus, only for cardio off campus activity
    • Respect the school vehicle(vandalism will result in fines/community service)
    • No tobacco use, even off campus, even if your 18
    • 10 CORR points can be earned for every PE class.
      o   Demonstrate CORR Values:
      2pts- Caring - demonstrates kindness in the class and community
      2pts- Ownership - use appropriate language and actions
      2pts- Responsible - be safe and follows directions
      2pts- Respect - treat everyone fairly without judgment
      2pts- Participation - give best effort for full 30 minutes

    Not Participating? 1 time SAC referral & 0 in grade book > Make up anytime

    Missed class? 

    o   There is an alternate take home assignment available upon request to make up for missed CORR class points. (Not activity points)