Kindergarten Enrollment Guidelines

  • Under Iowa Code section 282.3 a child must be 5 on or before September 15 to enter kindergarten and must be 6 on or before September 15 to enter first grade. An Attorney General Opinion states this is the law and cannot be waived.

    The district practice of enrolling students who have completed kindergarten in another state or a state-of-Iowa-accredited program are below.

    If a student has completed kindergarten in a school district in another state or in an accredited private school i n I o w a (this currently includes Regina Catholic School, Heritage Christian School, Faith Academy, and Willowwind), he/she may be enrolled in first grade even if the child is not 6 by September 15. A review of the student's record by the principal would still be appropriate as well as, if necessary, a conversation with the parent(s) regarding the appropriateness of a kindergarten or first grade placement.

    If a student has not completed kindergarten (moved mid-year) and was not 5 by September 15, he/she cannot enroll in kindergarten in the State of Iowa. This situation occurs when another state or accredited private school has a different age cutoff date for kindergarten enrollment (such as 5 by November 1.) If a parent wished to enroll his/her child in first grade in the fall, the current district policy of starting in kindergarten and assessing for acceleration must occur.

    Children of military families must be enrolled in the grade of the prior school regardless of age. This is part of a special exception for military families as prescribed by the federal government in the Interstate Compact for the Education of Military Children.