Community Social Clubs

  • TSC encourages students to try a social club that might be of interest after graduation. 

    Coffee House is one of the offerings from the SPI program at the Iowa City Rec Center.  Staff helps students with learning how to bus to the activity, and helps with the transition of becoming independent at this club.  The club's goal is to work towards independence in leisure activity.  The club meets for drop-in activities and monthly trips or special programs.  It meets Wednesdays, 2-3:30 pm, so students are responsible for their own transportation home.  Annual Membership is $14, paid in January.  Look in the Iowa City Recreation Activity Guide for registration information. 

    Uptown Bill's is an agency that strives to nurture and encourage individuals with disabilities.  Game club meets Fridays, 1-4 pm.  Members play board games and cards.  TSC staff helps students with learning how to bus to the activity and helps with the transition of becoming independent at this club.  Initially, students will attend for only an hour and return home via school bus.

Game Club

  • TSC sponsors Game Club on Wednesdays, 2:30-4:30.  Club members bring in video games and comedy DVDs for group and individual use.  Current and former students from TSC, along with same-aged peers especially enjoy gaming on the SmartBoard.

Special Olympics

  • Students participating in Special Olympics TSC encourages participation in Special Olympics through the Iowa City Rec Center, SPI (Special Populations Involvement) program. TSC collaborates with the Iowa City Rec Center to help students sign up for Special Olympics, assists the coach with communication about the various events and provides opportunities for practice of skills during fitness or recreation times at TSC.


    pecial Olympics

    Iowa City Community Schools

    Special Olympics Newsletter,  November 2012 

    State Bowling

    Saturday Nov. 17th

    These athletes are able to participate at the State Bowling tournament for placing 1st place at district bowling; Sauve Grady, Arnold Rodriguez, Mari Brannaman, Orion Crowley, Amy DeCoster, Darrick Morgan, Conor O’Keefe, Emily Putnam, Elijah Dean, Nathan Garacci, Rouabhi Abdenour, James Willging, Cornell Stringer, LaShand Turner, Jackson Trom and Morgan Vaughan.  

    November 17th details

    -Leave from Coralridge mall (Barnes and Noble entrance) at 11:30. Please arrive by 11:15 to load the bus. Bowling this year will be back at Westdale Bowling Alley in Cedar Rapids.

    -All bowlers will begin bowling at 1:00pm with awards being handed out shortly after all competition is completed.

    -We hope to arrive back at the Coralridge mall around 3:30 – 4:00 pm.

    -Please send money with athletes if they plan on eating or having a snack at the bowling alley.

    -Please email or call if an athlete does not plan on riding the bus to the competition or does not plan on attending.

    Upcoming Events and Practices


    Our first practices have gone really well! I appreciate the athletes showing up ready to work and have fun. Due to the gym being reserved by others we are going to move our practice times. Our new times will be at 6pm. We will have basketball skills start in the smaller gym and our 3 on 3 & 5 on 5 in the main gym.  

    Challenge Day

    Has been rescheduled to be held on April 6th 2013.  

    Winter Games

    January 14th-16th

    Will be held in Dubuque from January 14th-16th. Events to decide from are: downhill skiing, speed skating, cross country skiing, figure skating or snowshoeing. The cost for this event is $50 which will cover hotel and food (Monday-lunch & dinner, Tuesday-3 meals, Wednesday-breakfast & lunch). Please send athlete’s name, event and money to Grant Wood Elementary (address below). Registration is due to me by November 27th. 

    News, notes and reminders


    A big thank you to our basketball volunteers! Please thank our volunteers if you see them at practice; Nicole Wersinger, Jackie Kerr, Jarrod DeRooi, Jolene Blair, Angie Dean, Ethan Frisch, and Brian Bates.  


    All athletes need to have a Special Olympics physical done every 3 years. These athletes need physicals in the near future; Kaelan Brua(Past due) Marcos Chagoya (Past due) Lark Christensen-Szalanski (11/10/12) Karen Delacerda (Past due) Sheridan Goodman-Herbst (1/05/13) Suave Grady (Past due) Jordan Haganman (1/28/12) Mathew Kasper (11/30/12) Danielle Morgan (12/07/12) Ashley Sheffer (1/10/13) Lauren Stringham (Past due) and Kelsey Tweden (Past due)

    Please let me know if you have turned in a physical recently and I will make sure I have my records correct.

    Contact Information

    Joe Taylor

    Grant Wood Elementary

    1930 Lakeside Dr.

    Iowa City, Ia 52240