Instructional Design Strategists (IDS)

  • Adam Loria Adam Loria, IDS Mentor

    I have been involved in the District for 22 years. I have coached both football and boys basketball at City High, was a paraeducator for three years, and have spent the last seven years as a classroom teacher. The 2018–19 school year is my first as a mentor to new elementary educators. I have served in different leadership roles and on committees such as the Instrucational Leadership Team, the Hoover transition committee, the Hoover building committee, and the bell schedule committee. I have also served as an ICEA building representative.

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  • Amy Harje

    Amy Hartje, IDS Borlaug Elementary 

    Amy started teaching Kindergarten and 2nd grade in 2001.  She values the opportunity to provide students and colleagues with the environment to be the best version of themselves.  Helping students reach high academic standards, behavioral and social goals, and become self-motivated learners is a critical part of her work. As an IDS, she enjoys collaborating, learning and growing with colleagues. She is a former Special Education Language Arts coach and has led various district professional development opportunities.

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  • Andrea Smith

    Andrea Smith, IDS North Central Junior High

    Andrea started her career teaching at the GWAEA Linn County Youth Shelter before coming to Iowa City.  She now teaches Special Education. Andrea has always had a tremendous amount of respect for teachers.  School has been an enjoyable experience and she liked the idea of being part of a school culture. Andrea believes education is an opportunity to discover potential and reach for it.  In her IDS role, she enjoys working with outstanding teachers and students to support learning in all different types of classrooms.  Andrea has served on many building leadership teams. 

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  • Andrew Fenstermaker Andrew Fenstermaker, IDS Innovation 

    Andrew started teaching Elementary in 2007. He believes education provides a roller coaster of excitement for both teachers and students. With an abundance of information and access, those in education can facilitate journeys of learning that create, refine, and extend life long skills. The best part of being an IDS Innovation is getting to build relationships with colleagues by having collaborative conversations over redesigning instruction. Andrew has held various leadership roles including Google Certified Educator, Apple Education Trainer and SeeSaw Ambassador.

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  • Ashley Mangan Ashley Mangan, IDS Wood Elementary

    Ashley started Elementary teaching in Kansas City in 2005 before coming to Iowa City.   Ashley believes all students can and will learn.  She is always amazed at the amount a student can grow in one year.  As an IDS, Ashley enjoys being able to carry out the building vision and impact student achievement by collaborating with teachers.  She holds a master's of education degree in Literacy and has served on many district level curriculum committees.

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  • Ashley Reedy Ashley Reedy, IDS Special Education

    I have been a teacher with Iowa City Schools for going on seven years. I was a special education teacher at Borlaug Elementary school for all of those years.  Prior to this, I worked in Des Moines as a special education teacher.  I am now working under the Teacher Leadership Program umbrella as a Special Education Instructional Design Strategist in K–12.

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  • Ashli Perry Ashli Perry, IDS Special Education

    This is my ninth year in the district. My first seven years in the district I taught modified Special Education at Wickham Elementary.  I chose to go into education because I enjoy seeing students grow and achieve their goals. I have served in the Teacher Leadership Program as a Mentor and a Special Education IDS. In my IDS role, I enjoy collaborating and learning with other educators and working with students.

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  • Beth Bonner Beth Bonner, IDS Twain Elementary

    Beth began her career in 1988 teaching Early Elementary and Title Reading. In her IDS role, she enjoys working with teachers in a professional, goal-oriented environment for ongoing professional development and maximizing student learning. She values the data process and believes in student feedback to drive instructional decisions.  Beth has held various leadership roles including Language Arts Resource Specialist (LARS) and being a Professional Development Facilitator for various curricular areas.

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  • Beth Hieronymus

    Beth Hieronymus, IDS, Liberty High

    Beth started teaching Special Education students in 1985, wanting to make school meaningful and fun for students who struggle with learning. She values the relationships we form with students, parents, and colleagues. In her IDS role, she enjoys working with educators to find collaborative ways to address student needs. In addition to being in the classroom, Beth previously worked as a Mentoring and Induction Facilitator and department chairperson. She has earned her National Board Certification.

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  • Beth Madden Beth Madden, IDS Alexander Elementary

    Beth started teaching in 1995.  She began her career as an upper elementary teacher. She has served as a Math Area Resource Specialist (MARS) and a certified LETRS trainer and earned her Master’s Degree in Curriculum Design and Assessment. Beth believes that all children can succeed at high levels and is driven to support both teachers and students in developing their confidence and skills.  She thrives on partnering with teachers in their learning and studying the impact on student achievement.

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  • Diana Hawley Diana Hawley, IDS Innovation

    Diana Hawley teaches elementary music and coaches teachers as an Instructional Strategist of Innovation in the Iowa City Community School District. She holds a BA in Music and Sociology/Anthropology from St. Olaf College and an MA in Education from the University of St. Thomas. Before moving to Iowa, she taught at a K-8 charter school in St. Paul, MN, and at International School Bangkok in Thailand. During the summers, Diana teaches graduate music education courses at the University of the Arts (PA), the University of Kentucky, and the University of St. Thomas (MN). Diana is the co-editor of Artful-Playful-Mindful in Action (Schott, 2015).

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  • Doug Lestina
    Doug Lestina, Instructional Design Strategist

    I have been with the District for 19 years and have served in a variety of roles. I first taught Theatre Arts and Speech at City High School before transitioning to the role of Dean of Students for eight years. I then became the Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) Coordinator at City and taught Success Center classes. This is my first year as an Instructional Design Coach.  Along with teaching, I have been the head of the theatre department and currently act as the technical director of City High Drama. In total, I have been involved with 82 productions here at City High School.  

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  • Evan Hartley Evan Hartley, IDS Innovation 

    Evan received his first teaching job in 2009 where he has taught a variety of classes including Language Arts, Creative Writing, and Video Production.  He became an educator in hope of inspiring a love of literature in a way that leads students to find joy in reading, writing, creating, and thinking about the world.  Evan values student engagement and enthusiasm.  He thinks students should be able to find moments of happiness through learning in their school day.  Evan likes the IDS Innovation role because he engages in conversations about how people learn, why people learn and the power of learning. 

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  • Gina Campbell Gina Campbell, IDS Hills Elementary

    Gina began her career as an elementary teacher in 2005.  She was interested in education because she felt it would be a rewarding career that would make a positive impact on our community.  Over her years of teaching, Gina has worked as both a classroom teacher and a Title 1 teacher.  Watching children learn to read is one of the most exciting and rewarding aspects to teaching.  In her IDS role, Gina enjoys watching and participating in teams as they successfully collaborate.  She is a lifelong learner, constantly seeking out new information and opportunities to grow professionally.

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  • Hannah Saland

    Hannah Saland, IDS Special Education

    Hannah started teaching modified Special Education in 2006.  She was inspired to become a teacher by many innovative and compassionate educators in her k-12 career.  Hannah values building relationships with students and families and enjoys celebrating student growth together.

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  • Heidi Anderson Heidi Anderson, Instructional Design Strategist

    Heidi began teaching in the Iowa City Community School District in 2003. She taught 12 years of upper elementary at Twain Elementary. In 2015, Heidi began teaching math at South East Junior High, where she currently serves as a teacher, volleyball coach, and Instructional Design Strategist. Heidi was inspired to be a teacher by her mother, a middle school teacher, and by her grandmother, who taught in a one room schoolhouse. She loves encouraging her students and colleagues to set high goals and make each day count. 

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  • Helene Volkert Helene Volkert, IDS Lucas Elementary

    Helene started as an Elementary teacher in 1989.  Helene chose education as a career because every day she has the opportunity to truly make a difference in a person's life.  In the IDS role, she finds it extremely rewarding when a teacher implements an idea they worked on collaboratively and have success. Helene has held many leadership roles. including Language Arts Resource Specialist (LARS), trainer for Step Up to Writing, and new teacher training facilitator.   

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  • Jen Marshall Jen Barr, IDS Special Education

    Jen started teaching in 1998 in Tipton's alternative high school program. She collaborated with Kirkwood Community College and six rural school districts, taught all subjects, and directed the program for several years before joining the Iowa City Community School District in the fall of 2011. Since joining the District, she has been a Special Education teacher at City High and now serves as an Instructional Design Strategist. In her role as an IDS, she enjoys working with both general and special education teachers to try to improve academic success rates and classroom experiences for diverse learners.  

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  • Jen Shaffer Jenn Shaffer, IDS Weber Elementary

    Jenn knew she wanted to be a teacher in 5th grade because she enjoyed working with kids and helping others.  In 2002, she started her career teaching primary elementary.    Jenn believes that all children can learn and values partnering with families, making connections with students and engaging learners in a variety of ways.  In her IDS role, she enjoys seeing both the building and district perspective, getting into classrooms to support and empower teachers, and continually learning. Jenn is certified in Basics Schools.

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  • Jenny Eustice

    Jenny Eustice, IDS West High School

    Jenny started her career in 2006 teaching Biology.  She chose education as a career because she enjoys working with students to further their understanding of how the world works around them.  Jenny values a positive attitude and likes to ask "why?"  She enjoys seeing teachers in their element because this is where their passion really shines.  Jenny has a Master's in Science Education and has held other leadership roles such as an IDS mentor and a technology mentor.

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  • Jess Harris Jess Harris, Instructional Design Strategist

    This is my ninth year at Northwest Junior High. Currently I teach AVID and Success Center. I have also taught Literacy and ELL at Northwest. Prior to 2011, I worked for United Action for Youth as an Academic Mentoring Program coordinator and the school-based staff supervisor. From 2001–2005, I worked for the Catherine McAuley Center as the Adult Education Coordinator and Immigrant/Refugee Services Coordinator. This is my first year serving in the Teacher Leadership Program as an Instructional Design Strategist.  

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  • Jessica Harper Jessica Harper, IDS Mentor

    This is my sixth year in the District. All six years, I have been a 5th grade teacher at Kirkwood Elementary. I have spent the last two years teaching 5th grade half days and serving as a new teacher mentor the other half of my days. 

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  • Jon Bach

    Jon Bach, IDS West High School 

    Jon started teaching High School math in 1996.  He is intrinsically motivated to help others grow. Jon enjoys working with teachers to improve instruction and exposing them to a wide variety of educational techniques across varying disciplines. Jon is a previous Math Department chair and grades AP exams.

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  • Judith Armstrong Judith Armstrong, IDS Lemme Elementary

    Judith started teaching in 1995.  She has held many roles including Elementary teaching, Title 1, Reading Recovery, and being a Language Arts Reading Specialist (LARS).  Judith holds a Master's degree in Collaborative Learning.  She is a former district mentor and serves on many district curriculum committees.  In her IDS role, Judith loves being able to work with adult learners.  Collaborating and learning with colleagues is both exciting and challenging.

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  • Julie Staskal

    Julie Staskal, IDS Van Allen Elementary 

    Julie started her career in 1988 teaching primary elementary and Title one. She values inspiring a passion for learning and enjoys working with teachers, all ages of students, parents, support staff, and administrators. Julie has a Master's degree in Teaching Effective Professional Development. She has attended both the ITEC and TIES conference and works with Kruger & Tierney Brothers to support teachers with the use of innovative teaching strategies.

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  • Kapra Hefley Kapra Hefley, IDS Mentor

    Kapra started her career in 1993 teaching High School Spanish.  Two of her teachers growing up inspired her to become a teacher.  She loves learning and working with people so it is a natural fit. Kapra believes all students can learn, teaching is about finding the right path and supports to help them grow.  She likes seeing what great teaching is happening in classrooms and helping both new and experienced educators reflect on their practice.  Kapra holds a Master's degree in Educational Leadership.  She is a former World Language District coordinator and department chair.  

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  • Kate Richey

    Kate Richey, IDS Tate High School

    Kate started her career in 1998 teaching High School English to Juniors and Seniors.  She followed in the footsteps of a very supportive English teacher that encouraged her writing.  This teacher saw the potential that Kate didn't see in herself.  She wanted to pass that along.  In her role as an IDS, Kate enjoys working with teachers to try new and interesting strategies.  She believes it is rewarding to work with teachers who are willing to improve their craft.  Kate holds a Master's degree in English Education.  She was the runner up for the ISEA Excellence in Education Award and has served on many building initiative committees.

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  • Katelyn Glass Katelyn Glass, IDS Mentor

    Katelyn Glass started teaching in the Iowa City Community School District in 2012. She taught first grade at Lucas Elementary for a year before moving to Kirkwood Elementary, where she taught third grade for five years. This current school year, Katelyn serves as the Academic Support in the mornings at Lemme Elementary and serves as an IDS Mentor in the afternoons.

    Katelyn graduated from Western Michigan University in 2011 with a Bachelor of Science degree in education. She later added a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction with a focus in Teacher Leadership.  Katelyn has taken on several other roles in the schools where she has worked in her time with the District. She wanted to become a teacher to make a difference, to influence future generations and inspire students to be anything they want to be. 

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  • Kay Nigg Kay Nigg, Instructional Design Stratagist

    Kay Nigg, Instructional Design Strategist/Math Teacher, was born and raised on a farm in Northern Illinois. She has taught and lived in the Iowa City area for thirty years. She has been a math teacher at Northwest and South East Junior. High and West High School. She enjoys teaching and working with students and looks forward to working with teachers in her new role of IDS. She believes she can assist, support, and challenge her colleagues to reach their goals and make a positive impact in Liberty students' lives. She loves watching students participating in Liberty activities, cheering on the Hawkeyes, doing outdoor activities, and spending time with her family and friends.

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  • Keith Feldmann

    Keith Feldmann, IDS Mentor

    Keith started his career in 1981.  He currently teaches 3rd grade, but has previously taught every grade except Kindergarten.  Keith enjoys the teaching profession because people work together instead of competing against each other.  He believes that children can learn academic content.  Schools help students learn about how to try their best, feel good about their accomplishments and how to interact with people to develop social skills.  Keith enjoys developing the confidence in new educators and watching as they take satisfaction in their own accomplishments and profession.



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  • Kelsey Feldman Kelsey Feldman

    The 2018–19 school year marks my eight year teaching. I spent three years teaching at the elementary and middles school levels in the Linn-Mar District before coming "home" to serve as a junior high math teacher at Northwest in 2014. I am a graduate of the Iowa City Community School District and attended Coralville Central, Northwest, and West High. I received my Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education in 2011 and earned my Master's Degree in Educational Leadership from the University of Northern Iowa in 2015. I previously served as the MTSS Coordinator at Northwest before taking on the Instructional Design Strategist position in 2018. I love learning alongside teachers from all departments and sharing our passion for learning with our diverse student population. When I'm not teaching or coaching, I enjoy exploring the outdoors with my husband and daughter.  

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  • Kelsi Salter

    Kelsi Salter, IDS South East Junior High

    Kelsi started teaching Literacy in 2007.  She was inspired to go into education by some great teachers and coaches that taught her how working hard is more important than natural ability.  They pushed her when things were difficult and helped her feel successful.  Kelsi wanted to help others in the same way.  In the IDS role, Kelsi loves the ability to work with other teachers as they challenge themselves and their students.  She enjoys seeing teachers step out of their comfort zone and try new ways to reach their students' needs.  Kelsi is part of many committees in her building. She is also an mentor for new teachers in her building.

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  • Kevin Hunter Kevin Hunter, IDS Special Education

    This is my sixth year teaching in the District. My first two years, I was a special education teacher at Mark Twain Elementary School. I then taught special education at Penn Elementary for three years. This is my first year serving in the role of Special Education IDS.

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  • Kristin Wendlandt Kristin Wendlandt, IDS Coralville Central Elementary

    Kristin started her career in 2004 teaching homeless students at a children's and domestic violence shelter before becoming an Elementary teacher. Kristin values the process of learning and discovering over the product.  In her IDS role, she enjoys walking alongside teachers as they work through challenges and change opportunities.  Kristin enjoys celebrating and recognizing all the work that goes into creating a successful learning environment for our students.  She has served on various district curriculum committees.

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  • Kristine Kliewer Kristine Kliewer, IDS Lincoln and Mann Elementary

    Kristine started her career in 1996 as an elementary teacher before taking on leadership roles such as a Literacy Coach and IDS. Kristine has wanted to become a teacher ever since 6th grade.   She enjoys collaborating with teachers in order to impact student achievement. Kristine has a Master's degree in addition to being a District LETRS trainer. 

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  • Laura Walhart Laura Walhart, IDS Longfellow Elementary 

    Laura started her career in 1994 teaching elementary.  Laura wanted to become a teacher because she believes in children and loves learning. She values opportunities to build relationships and learning from others.  Laura strives to learn something new everyday.  In her IDS role, Laura likes being a partner with her colleagues to help them reach their professional goals. 

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  • Lisa Heying Lisa Heying, IDS Horn Elementary

    In 1988, Lisa started her career as an educator because she believes all children should be given the opportunity to succeed.  Over the years, Lisa has held many roles including Elementary teacher, Title One, Reading Recovery, and Language Arts Reading Specialist (LARS).  She has also been the director and co-director of the U of I Reading Clinic.  Lisa enjoys the collaborative work with teachers and students in her IDS role.  She shares in the genuine excitement of learning together.

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  • Lisa Piper

    Lisa Piper, IDS North Central Junior High

    Lisa started her career in 2008 teaching Literacy and Language Arts.  Lisa has a passion for reading and writing and owes it all to her teachers.  She wants to spread this passion to others.  Lisa values life-long learning.  Schools provide the tools to continue their learning journey way beyond the classroom.  In her IDS role, Lisa loves the opportunity to have discussions with teachers about student success.  She enjoys hearing about what teachers are excited about in their classrooms and help them reflect on their practice as educators.  Lisa has a Master's in Teaching.

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  • Meg Corbin

    Meg Corbin, IDS City High School

    In 1991, Meg started her career teaching English Language Arts.  Her favorite part of teaching is learning new things everyday.  Meg also enjoys the front row seat to amazing teacher's work: thinking, creating and reflecting.  Meg is a former Language Arts Curriculum Coordinator and facilitator for District summer workshops.  She has also presented at the Iowa Council Teachers of English and Language Arts. 

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  • Megan Clark

    Megan Clark, IDS Special Education

    Megan started teaching modified Special Education in 2006.  She believes in a growth mindset where everyone can learn.  In her IDS role, she adores kids and enjoys being able to visit many different classrooms with kids of all ages and strengths.  Her goal is to help support teachers as they are able to grow professionally.

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  • Michelle Haren Michelle Haren, IDS Special Education

    This is my 13th year in the District. I have taught Special Education at South East Junior High, Hoover Elementary, and Wickham Elementary. Prior to the Iowa City Community Schools, I taught for two year in Orlando, Florida. I left the classroom  in 2017 to become a Special Education Instructional Design Strategist.

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  • Mike Bevelacqua Mike Bevelacqua, IDS Innovation

    My name is Mike Bevelacqua. This is my 28th year as an educator, and I have been an employee of the District for 21 years. During my first eight years in the District, I taught mathematics at West High School. Following my years at West, I spent seven years as an ICCSD/Grant Wood AEA Mathematics Consultant working with teachers. I then returned to the classroom full time for four years, teaching mathematics at City High School. Currently, I am in my second year as an Instructional Design Strategist. In this position, I teach math at City in the mornings and, in the afternoons, I work with teachers throughout the District as a member of the IDS Innovation Team.

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  • Mike Haverkamp Mike Haverkamp, IDS Innovation 

    Mike started teaching in 1982.  He has held many teaching roles such as 5th grade, ELP, and Staff Development.  In his role as an IDS Innovation, Mike relishes the opportunity to coach teachers he first met when they were part of the ICCSD new teacher induction program.  He considers himself to fortunate to work as part of the ICCSD Innovation team.

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  • Nate Frese

    Nate Frese, IDS West High School 

    Nate began his career in 1997 teaching language arts. He values being part of a professional community that enacts real, meaningful change in the community. Nate chose education because he is a life-long learner. His hope is to foster this passion in others. As an IDS, Nate enjoys collaborating with teachers about issues relevant to their students' success. He has participated on various curriculum review committees and is an AP Mentor and Reader for the National College Board.

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  • Patrick Snyder Patrick Snyder, IDS Garner Elementary

    Patrick started teaching 5th/6th grade in 2007.  The contagious enthusiasm of creative learners drew him to education.  Patrick values providing enriching learning experiences for all students and personalizing instruction through relationships and fun.  He believes education is the pipeline to leading successful lives.  Patrick holds a Master's degree in Collaborative Teaching and Learning.  His specialty is integrating various methods of innovative instruction with multiple types of devices and presents at local/regional conferences.  In his IDS role, Patrick enjoys the continuous learning from cooperative collaboration with his colleagues.

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  • Phillip Lala Phillip Lala, IDS Mentor

    This Phil's ninth year teaching science at City High School and tenth in the district. In addition to teaching at City High, I have served as the District Science Curriculum Coordinator from 2015 to 2018 before moving into my role of mentoring new educators in the district.

    I graduated from the University of Iowa in 2008 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Science Education and a minor in chemistry and later added Masters degrees in Educational Psychology and Educational Leadership.

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  • Sarah Fairfield Sarah Fairfield, IDS Mentor

    This is my 20th year teaching General Music in the District.  As a specialist, I have taught in eight different buildings, including Shimek, Hills, Weber, Southeast, Kirkwood, Coralville Central, Van Allen, and now Lincoln. As part of the Teacher Leadership Program, I serve as a Curriculum Coordinator and an Instructional Design Strategist, mentoring new educators.

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  • Scott Stimmel Scott Stimmel, IDS Innovation

    Scott started teaching 7th grade Science in 2010.  He decided to go into education because he enjoys working with young people. He values collaborating with colleagues, trying new things in his classroom and encouraging students to be good people not just good students. Scott enjoys being part of collaborative projects and working with teachers to accomplish the goals they set for themselves and their students.  

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  • Seth Schroeder

    Seth Schroeder, IDS Northwest Junior High

    Seth started teaching American Studies in 2010.  Seth chose this career because he enjoys working with students and is passionate about Social Studies.  He loves witnessing the growth that students exhibit over the course of the year and feels privileged to be part of that process.   As an educator, Seth values building strong, trusting relationships with students, parents, administration, and colleagues.  In the IDS role, he appreciates the opportunity to collaborate with great teachers he works with.  Seth enjoys the leadership aspect of the role and the different challenges it presents. 

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  • Sharon Helt

    Sharon Helt, IDS Special Education

    Sharon started her career in Elementary Education/Special Education in 1987 and then discovered her passion for early childhood Special Education in the early 90’s. Sharon followed in the footsteps of her mother who was also a Special Education teacher.  In her IDS role, she enjoys learning alongside amazing teachers and preschool age students.  She likes celebrating student success and the teamwork that helped the student to make growth.  

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  • Sheila Hocking

    Sheila Hocking, IDS Mentor

    Sheila started her career in 1979 teaching elementary. She wanted to become a teacher because she enjoys working with kids. Sheila believes education opens doors and appreciates the autonomy allowed to meet the needs of her learners. In her IDS role, Sheila enjoys teaming with teachers and watching her colleagues excel at helping students reach their potential. She holds a Master's degree in Middle School Math and has taught graduate classes at Morningside. Sheila is President of the Clarke University Alumni Association Board.

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  • Stephanie Higgins Stephanie Higgins, IDS Special Education

    My name is Stephanie Higgins, and I currently teach special education in the mornings at West High School and am West High's Special Education IDS in the afternoons. 

    I have been working for the Iowa City Community School District since about 2009. I started out as a district teacher substitute and then took several long term sub positions, including a special education teaching job at City High School. I also spent about a year and a half in our district working as a special education paraeducator at City High School and was an assistant swim coach for the girls' team during my time at City.

    I was hired for my first full-time special education teaching position at West High School for the 2012-13 school year and have worked there since, with the exception of one year I spent teaching special education at NWJH.

    I have coached junior high boys' swimming and girls' swimming for both NWJH and NCJH over the past few years and also am one of the sponsors for West High School's Best Buddies Program.   
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  • Terri Novak-Cicha

    Terri Novak-Cicha, IDS Special Education

    Terri started her early childhood Special Education career in 1992.  She chose education because the interactions with and the development of young children is fascinating.  In her IDS role, she enjoys the opportunity to share experiences and provide strategies or resources that help teachers experience success.  Terri regularly provides professional development for teachers.  She has taught various early childhood courses at Kirkwood Community College, GWAEA and the 4 C's.  She also serves on the 4 C's board.

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  • Thad Sheldon

    Thad Sheldon, IDS City High School

    Thad starting teaching High School Biology in 2001.  He enjoys working with students and seeing their growth over the year. Thad believes all students can learn and our job as teachers is to find out where students are and help them improve and grow. In his IDS role, he finds working with teachers very rewarding. He learns more about teaching and learning as they share their passion and expertise. Thad also enjoys providing an opportunity for teachers to reflect and feel empowered to be innovative in creating learning experiences for their students. He holds a Master's degree in Science Education. He has assisted with a variety of district professional development including Differentiated Instruction and Understanding by Design.

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  • Tyson Smith Tyson Smith, IDS West High School

    Tyson started teaching in 1998.  He has taught a variety of Social Studies courses and currently teaches AP Economics.  Tyson was inspired by his former teachers to become a teacher.  He finds working with students both rewarding and enjoyable.  Tyson believes education builds skill, confidence and opportunity.  Learning is fun and he loves learning with and from his students.  In his IDS role, Tyson learns from and with other teachers.  He appreciates having time to support teachers in improving their craft without evaluative pressure.  Tyson has taught various summer courses and institutes.  He has also written a textbook.

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  • Wendy Trom Wendy Trom, IDS Mentor

    I am in my 29th year of teaching, with 25 of those years teaching elementary grades in the Iowa City Community School District. I taught 5th grade at Horn Elementary my first year in the District. I was one of the opening staff members at Weber Elementary, teaching students from 3rd through 6th grade for the next 11 years. I then taught 2nd grade at Kirkwood Elementary for 5 years. I was part of the Garner Elementary opening staff as an interventionist and then moved into the classroom as a 5th and 6th grade teacher for eight years. This is my first year as an Elementary New Teacher Mentor.

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