About Our School

  • Kirkwood Elementary, located at 1401 9th Street in Coralville, is a neighborhood school where students, staff, and parents make up our school family.

    Opened in the fall of 1964, Kirkwood has changed structurally through the years. When Kirkwood was dedicated in 1964, the school consisted of seven classrooms, seven staff members, a principal, and a clerk. It was during this year that a merger between the Iowa City and Coralville school districts took place as well. As the student population grew, eight classrooms and a media center were added to the east side of the building. Continuing to grow, a third addition was completed, with four classrooms, a conference room, and a new hallway.

    Additional updates were made to the building, with the newest addition of a gym and three early childhood classrooms taking place in 2005. Kirkwood now consists of approximately 24 classrooms, a media center, and 61 dedicated staff members.