Technology & Innovation

  • The Iowa City Community School District's Technology & Innovation department supports operational and academic technologies within the 14,000-student Iowa City School District, including:

    • technical support
    • technology installation and deployment
    • planning and delivery of technology-related professional development
    • technology long-range planning
    • budgeting and bid process management
    • evaluation of new and requested technologies
    • coordination of the district’s efforts in terms of technology and library services
    • administration and support of district systems, servers, and network infrastructure
    • capacity planning for future network and systems needs
    • GIS data collection and analysis
    • communication regarding technology issues

    Ultimately, our department’s goal is to support the district’s mission and belief statements, with decisions focusing on providing for our children to meet their potential with an eye on the future.

    Technology & Innovation Staff

    Adam Kurth, Director of Technology & Innovation
    Chris Engels, Enterprise Services Manager
    Joshua Reynolds, Client Services Manager
    Andrew Fenstermaker, Instructional Technology Coordinator
    Amanda Yates, IT Services Secretary
    Beth Nelsen, Office of Technology and Innovation Secretary

    Network & Systems Administration

    Brad George, Sys/Network Administrator
    Jared Campbell, Sys/Network Administrator
    Tyler Warden, Sys/Network Administrator

    Student Data & Staff Development

    Kristi Storey, Student Data Specialist
    Austin Wells, Data Analyst
    Matt Haxton, Data Systems Specialist
    Michelle Croft, Research and Data Analyst

    Technical Support & Helpdesk

    Jeremy Davis, Help Desk Specialist
    Cecilia Cabrales, Help Desk Specialist
    Jacque Collingwood, Lead Technical Support Specialist
    William Henk, Technical Support Specialist
    Ellen Land, Technical Support Specialist
    Sandy Fleming, Technical Support Specialist
    Tyler Meade, Technical Support Specialist
    Harold Strait, Technical Support Specialist
    Kurtis Watts, Technical Support Specialist

Department News