April 2015 Board Approved Plan

  • On April 14, 2015, the Board of Education approved the first update to the District's 10-year Facilities Master Plan (FMP). The original plan was approved December 10, 2013. The following are documents related to the plan as it is currently being implemented. 

    Master Plan (Approved 04-14-15): This document provides a graphical overview and tabular summary of the current facilities master plan. The images provided are solely for conceptual purposes and do not necessarily represent actual planning of additions, remodels, etc. The first two pages show the plans for the school buildings themselves and the third page shows the newly added secondary athletics facilities plan. 

    Inflation-Adjusted Costs: Due to consumer and construction inflation, the cost to build a given project changes over time. In order to accommodate for this change, the District and BLDD Architects researched construction inflation and settled on a factor of 3.5% per year. Current cost estimates (i.e., Present Value) were adjusted for inflation based on when each is scheduled. The Inflation-Adjusted Cost represents that figure that will be used at the time the project is undertaken (some call this Future Value). 

    4/14/15 Board Meeting FMP Board Item: This is a link to the actual Board agenda item where the FMP was approved. 

    Plan Detail: This document is the detailed “master document” that district administrators use internally as they plan cash flow, project timing and budget, capacity vs. enrollment, etc. (If this document and another document ever have conflicting information, this document should be considered as having the correct information.) We will keep this updated as anything changes. While the document is large a complex, it is usually the best source for accurate, in-depth information. 

    Facilities Master Planning Timeline: This document provides an overview of the entire OneVision Facilities Master Planning process from December 2012, when BLDD was first hired to April 2015 when this current version of the plan was approved. The timeline shows many important milestones, including needs assessments, community workshops, steering committee meetings, and major Board meetings. The FMP was discussed at numerous Board and Board committee meetings as well. 

    Summary of changes: 12-10-13 to 04-14-15: This document provides a summary of the changes between the original FMP (approved 12/10/13) and the current FMP (approved (4/14/15). 

    Previous FMP (Approved 12/10/13): This is the first 10-year Facilities Master Plan, approved by the Board 12/10/13. 

    Building Information Sheet: Some people refer to this document as the “Swiss army knife” of building information. It includes information by building including current enrollment; FRL %; current capacity; projected enrollment; future capacity; FMP budget, timeline, and scope; the year first opened (or will open); site size; building size; and, finally, % that is (or will soon be) air conditioned.