Checkout at Longfellow

  • At Longfellow we strive to have checkout be a pleasant experience for your child. The ultimate goal of the library program is to foster a love of books, reading, and learning.  We work in conjunction with classroom teachers to assure that all students select most of their books at the "just right" or "good fit" reading level for them.  Other books can be what we call "vacation" (too easy) or "dream" (too hard) books.

    The circulation period at Longfellow is two weeks.  As long as no one has a hold on a book, students are allowed to renew materials.  If students have overdue books they are not generally allowed to check out more until they return.

    The circulation limits each class are as follows:

    • Kindergarten: 2 books
    • 1st-4th grades: 4 books
    • 5th-6th grades: 5 books

    2022-23Checkout days:

    K Swartzendruber-Tuesday
    K Muir-Wednesday

    1st Nash-Wednesday
    1st Hasler-Friday

    2nd Blythe-Monday
    2nd Morgan-Wednesday
    2nd Rarick-Tuesday

    3rd Anderson-Monday
    3rd Ramsey-Tuesday
    3rd Swanson-Friday

    4th Mettenburg-Tuesday
    4th Donohue-Wednesday

    5th Benton-Friday
    5th Frees-Friday

    6th DePrenger-Tuesday
    6th Lucas-Friday
    6th Stratton-Friday