Tests and Assessments

  • AP Testing

    Please see information below regarding this year’s AP exams.  All of the information we currently have is included within the bullet points below.  We understand this is a lot of information, but please read this thoroughly and utilize the hyperlinked resources to find answers to any additional questions you may have.

    Exam Schedule 

    • Here is the link to the 2020 AP Exam Schedule, which starts May 11th.  There are three time blocks per day.  Each student will be taking the exam on the regular testing date and assigned time, with each exam lasting a total of 45 minutes.  Please note the exam start time, based upon the Central Time Zone.  No student is registered to take an exam within the late testing window.

    Exam Specific Details

    • Your AP teacher(s) will be providing subject-specific details to you regarding the AP exam.  Additional information on exams can be found here, below the Exam Schedule.

    Accessing and Taking the Exam

    • We still do not have specific details on how students will be accessing their exams.  However, we are assuming that during this process, you will need to be able to access your MyAP account. This is the account you used to order your AP exam(s).  Every student should check now to ensure you are able to to access your account.  You will likely also need to locate your AP ID, which will be found under “My Profile” in your MyAP Account.  If you have any issues logging in to your MyAP account, you must call 888-225-5427.  Unfortunately, high schools do not have access to your MyAP account information. 
    • In late April, CollegeBoard will release a student At-HomeTesting Guide that will include details on how testing will be conducted.  For now, here is some information on at-home testing.  
    • CollegeBoard has also outlined their test security guidelines.


    • Those students who are already approved for accommodations (i.e. extended time) via CollegeBoard will automatically be granted those within their unique exam link.  Further information will be released via CollegeBoard in the coming weeks. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact your school counselor.

    Technology Assistance

    • If students need technology assistance (device or internet) for exams, please visit this website by April 24th.

    Cancelling an Exam  

    • If you wish to cancel your AP exam, you are required to complete this Google Form.  No AP exam cancellations will be processed via email, and full refunds will be processed via our district office. CollegeBoard has not yet established a cancellation deadline.  We encourage you to work with your teacher as much as possible, as we know you will be successful on the exam!
    Additional Questions?    For any additional questions, please visit this website and/or this website. 
    Need more information?  See MyAP Account Basics or AP Exam Ordering 101.



    West High offers 23 AP courses across seven different curricular areas.  Students normally take AP exams during the first two full weeks in May.



    ACT is a college admissions test, measuring what you can learn in high school to determine your academic readiness for college.  Find everything that you need to know about registration, test prep and what your scores mean here.




    The SAT is a college admissions test has been redesigned to focus on the skills and knowledge that will help today's students meet the needs of the works where people can solve problems, communicate clearly, and understand complex relationships.  The tests are designed to:

    • Measure the essential ingredients for college and career readiness and success, as shown by research.
    • Have a stronger connection to classroom learning.
    • Inspire productive practice. 


    ACT vs. SAT is a link to an informative article explaining the difference between these two very popular college entrance exams.


    PSAT assessment is an optional practice SAT exam that the College Board offers for 10th and 11th grade students.  Interested West High students may choose to take this exam around the middle October.  Student scores on the PSAT can qualify them for the National Merit Scholarship Competition.  Normally exam registration is due in late September in the Guidance Office.
    College Board

    Iowa Testing Program

    Iowa Assessments were replaced by the Iowa Statewide Assessment of Student Progress (ISASP)

    For many years students in our district, as well as districts across the state, students have been assessed on an annual basis with the Iowa Assessments. The Iowa City Community School District has traditionally elected to administer these assessments in October. 

    In the spring of 2018 the Iowa legislature determined that all students in Iowa would be assessed using a new test called the Iowa Statewide Assessment of Student Progress (ISASP) . These new assessments are developed by Iowa Testing Programs at the University of Iowa delivered and supported by Iowa-based Pearson, for the state of Iowa. The assessments are aligned with the Iowa Core standards and provide a clear and accurate assessment of student learning outcomes. Student growth, proficiency and readiness indicators will be reported.

    The new assessments are required to be administered in April and will be available in online and paper formats. The grade levels, tests, and recommended administration times are provided below:

    Tests Grade Levels Recommended
    Administration Time
    Reading 3-11 60
    Language Arts and Writing 3-11 120
    Math 3-11 60
    Science 5, 8, 10 60

    In 2019 Elementary students in ICCSD took these assessments during the week of April 6-10; and secondary students were assessed on April 14-15 , using the online format. 

    If you have any questions about these assessments, please contact the district curriculum office.