• Students in Kindergarten who have beginning English or no English come to class together. We work on social English at the same time that we build reading and writing skills.

    We use a number of different materials, including On Our Way to English, teacher-made resources, and some of HMH Journeys language arts materials.

    We work on listening and speaking by asking & answering repetitive questions, listening to verbal directions and following them, listening to books read aloud, and talking about books or our own lives. We work on early literacy by practicing word sounds, learning sight words (spelling, signing, reading poems with and singing a song about each word), and practicing beginning reading and writing (reading left-to-right, pointing to words, stretching sounds to write new words, leaving speaces between words, etc).

    If you would like more information about these classes, please contact Alissa Witzke.

Kindergarten Games & Links

Kindergarteners working on shared writing
Example question chart for Kindergarten