12th Grade Iowa Immunization Law

  • 12th Grade Immunization REQUIREMENTS

    • Meningococcal Vaccine

    Students entering 12th grade will need proof of two doses of meningococcal (A, C W, Y) vaccine; or 1 dose if received when the student was 16 years of age or older.  According to the state law, students that have not received at least one dose of the vaccine will not meet the mandatory immunization requirements and no grace period to catch-up will be given. 

    Your student may have already received this vaccine during their regular physical exam.  If you feel they have had this vaccine, please bring the valid, signed certificate of immunization documenting your student has had the vaccine to the school nurse.  You can contact your health care provider's office to get this paperwork.  Johnson County Public Health also provides immunizations at no cost to children with or without health insurance.  Please call (319) 356-6042 to make an appointment. 

    Please contact your school nurse or Jessica Jimmerson, Health Services Specialist at (319) 688-1000 or jimmerson.jessica@iowacityschools.org with any questions.