Our Library Policies

  • Checkout Policy 

    Students may checkout library materials any day of the week if they have returned their previous checkouts. Students visit the library for checkout with their whole class once a week, but may visit individually any time with homeroom teacher permission.

    Preschool: students may checkout one book at a time from the library. 

    Kindergarten: students begin the year checking out one book, then increase to three books at a time and then five after practicing book care skills. 

    1st-6th Grade: students may check out five library items at a time. 

    Unless there are special circumstances, all books have a checkout period of two weeks before they become overdue; however, we encourage students to return books as soon as they are finished with them so they can checkout new materials. 

    If you or your child is interested in checking out more than 5 books at a time, please contact us! 

    Late Return Policy

    In order to allow maximum access to materials for all students, we ask students to be very responsible about taking care of and returning their library books on time. 

    There are no fines assessed for overdue materials.  If the material is not returned in the allotted time an overdue slip will be issued to the student.  If the material is not needed by another person, books may be renewed. 

    Lost or Damaged Materials Policy 

    Minor repairs to books and materials will be made by the library secretary at no charge to the student. If materials are lost or damaged beyond repair, we ask the item be replaced.  If there are extenuating circumstances or replacement costs would present a financial hardship, please contact the library staff.

    Selection and Reconsideration of Library Materials 

    School library collections are developed to support curriculum goals and to provide for the diverse needs and interests of students. Our school libraries strive to provide large collections of current, high-quality materials, cataloged to facilitate sharing both within the building and throughout the district. Collections are developed at the building level in collaboration with teachers and are evaluated frequently to assure that they meet changing needs. 

    Materials are selected from established reviewing sources and through collaboration with teachers, with other teacher librarians and with other professional colleagues. Non-print materials, including computer software, are previewed before purchase. Specific procedures for such preview are contained on the following pages. Systematic planning for collection development occurs in each building and a collection development plan should be detailed by each teacher librarian. 

    The district supports a well-established selection and reconsideration policy.  If concerns about materials arise, please find the procedure for reconsideration on the district library site. To access district policy, go to this link: https://www.iowacityschools.org/Page/1676 and click on Educational Policies.

    Donations and Gifts

    Thank you for your support of our library program and our students' love of reading! 
    In accordance with the above selection policy, donations of gently used books can only be accepted if they meet quality and recency standards to fit our collection. Materials donated that do not fit the selection policy will be donated to an organization such as Goodwill. 
    Monetary donations will be deposited into the library's book account and will be used to purchase high quality, current materials that support the curriculum or student interest from our trusted vendors.


    Thank you for your interest in and support of our library program! If you are interested in volunteering, please complete a district volunteer application and contact Mrs. Vincent by email or phone, 319-688-1107, about current opportunities in the library!