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    One of the library's missions is to help students develop a love of reading - we look forward to partnering with you to make this a reality!

    Selecting Books

    To become life-long readers, students must learn how to select books that will be interesting, enjoyable, and match their purpose for reading (whether informational or entertainment). Students learn to use "I PICK" to select books that match their interests and purpose for reading as well as whether the book is a "good fit" for their current reading skills. I encourage families to talk with your student(s) about the books they bring home and share with them the kinds of books you and your family find enjoyable. I am always happy to help students find books to match their interests and reading skills!

    What if the book my student picks isn't a "good fit"?

    If the book is too challenging:

    • Read the book aloud to your child. (Read aloud is a great activity for raising readers!)
    • Look at the cover and predict what the book will be about. Who will the characters be?
    • Take a picture walk - what can you tell about the story just from the illustrations?
    • Go on a word hunt for sight words
    • Ask your child what they like about that book - The pictures? The topic?
    • Brainstorm other books or ideas they might like next time.
    • Talk about why this book may be too challenging at this time.
    • Set a goal for trying it again in the future.

    If a book seems too easy:

    Easier texts are great for fluency building! Encourage your student to read these books aloud to younger kids, a pet, or to you!

    As they read, they can practice these fluency skills:

    • Reading with expression
    • Reading at an appropriate rate
    • Reading in longer phrases

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    Online Resources:

    Common Sense Media - Privacy and Internet Safety: Provides information about online safety and privacy organized by student age.