Request to Conduct Research


    Thank you for your interest in conducting a research project in the Iowa City Community School District.  Due to our proximity to the University of Iowa, we follow their guidelines for research conducted in schools.  I encourage you to visit the web site below as it lists requirements from the university. All forms and documents are downloadable and need to be presented to the office of Diane Schumacher, Executive Director of Teaching and Learning.  Please submit a cover letter and the recommended materials as listed on this site:

    The Iowa City Community School District administrative policy regarding research in the schools states that research for a thesis, dissertation or faculty is a priority. The policy further states that activities may be permitted as long as they are appropriate to the goals of the district’s educational program, do not unduly burden students or staff, and do not unduly infringe upon instructional time.

    Prior to receiving final authorization for research requests, it is required that you check with the school principal for their consent. Please know that numerous requests for conducting research in the schools are received annually and not all are granted, typically due to the time commitment on the part of students and/or staff.

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