Transportation Overview

  • School Bus District Information
    It shall be the policy of the Board of Directors to enter into contract with a private contractor for school bus transportation. The district has entered into a contract with Durham School Services to provide school bus transportation services.

    Transportation Eligibility – Regular Education Students
    The district shall provide transportation as required by the State of Iowa.

    Iowa Code 285.1.a. The board of directors in every school district shall provide transportation, either directly or by reimbursement for transportation, for all resident pupils attending public school, kindergarten through twelfth grade, except that: 

    (1)  Elementary pupils shall be entitled to transportation only if they live more than two miles from the school designated for attendance.
    (2)  High school pupils shall be entitled to transportation only if they live more than three miles from the school designated for attendance. 

    When measuring distance to determine eligibility for transportation, distance shall be measured by using the shortest distance on public roads only. In general, school buses do not travel on private roads/lanes or in private subdivisions. Distance is measured from the student's driveway to the assigned attendance point of entrance. 

    Contact information regarding transportation:

    Esme Davis, District Transportation Manager, (319) 688-1187
    Craig Hansel, Chief Financial Officer, (319) 688-1003
    Robert Hamel, Durham School Services, (319) 354-1304

    Please contact Esme Davis with transportation questions.