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ICHSAP Enrollment

  • The 2020-2021 ICHSAP Enrollment and Dual Enrollment Period is now open!

    I am interested in home schooling my child(ren) and would like to know more about the Iowa City Home School Program (ICHSAP). What should I do next?

    Informaion on our enrollment is listed below. Please feel free to contact the ICHSAP secretary at minnie.emily@iowacityschools.org with any questions!

    How do I enroll?

    ICHSAP and Dual Enrollment Steps- 

    Step 1- e-Registration update in PowerSchool for ICHSAP participants and students wishing to dual enroll.

    If you are enrolling in the ICHSAP and or dual enrolling at the beginning of the school year, please complete your e-Registration. This is a great chance for returning families to double check your student's medical alerts, emergency contact information and permissions. Parents and guardians can log into their PowerSchool account to complete the e-Registration process here e-Registration (click here for link) . *Please note the PowerSchool App does not work for eRegistration

    Need help completing eRegistration?  If you are new to the ICCSD, need help with eRegistration, or have forgotten your password, contact your attendance school secretary or email the ICHSAP secretary at minnie.emily@iowacityschools.org. You may find your attendance area school by following this link Attendance Area School Look-Up  

    Step 2- Enrollment with the ICHSAP Center

    The required forms for the ICHSAP 2020 - 2021 school year are:

    • Form A- Competent Private Instruction Report (Form A link)
    • ICHSAP Enrollment Form (Enrollment Form link)
    • ICHSAP Education Plan (Education Plan link) The Education Plan is not due at enrollment and may be completed during the first few weeks of September.
    • Immunization Record (if new to the ICCSD)

    One of each form is required for every student. Forms may be filled out electronically or printed and scanned. Please email your completed forms (preferably as a PDF attachment) to minnie.emily@iowacityschools.org. If you do not have access to a scanner, please email for additional instructions.

    Step 3- Fill out a Dual Enrollment Form at your attendance area school (if applicable). 

    Your dual enrollment designation on the Form A will be a placeholder for when/if you do decide to move forward with dual enrollment. To complete your dual enrollment, please email or call your attendance area school secretary to talk over class schedules, choose the classes you want your student to take and ask your secretary to register your student in those classes. Next please fill out your CPI and Dual Enrollment Plan (link) which details the classes and times of attendance. Once completed you can email a copy of this form to your attendance area school secretary. 

    More information about dual enrollment can be found here https://www.iowacityschools.org/Page/18351.

    What if I live outside the ICCSD:

    • If you are interested in enrolling in the ICHSAP and you live outside the ICCSD school district, the Open Enrollment Application must be completed in February of the school year prior to attendance for each student. 
    • Once both school boards have approved your open enrollment applications, please contact us at the ICHSAP at 319-688-1302 and make an appointment to meet with a supervising teacher. ICCSD eRegistration, Form A, and Plan of Instruction are due in August each year.
    • You may find more information about open enrollment in the state of Iowa here  Open Enrollment Iowa Department of Education (click for link)  

    What if I decide to home school but I do not want to enroll in a home school program?

    For more information about private instruction, please refer to Private Instruction on the Iowa Department of Education website.  Also available is the current Private Instruction Handbook. If you are interested in home schooling and reside in the ICCSD but do not wish to enroll in the ICHSAP,  a Form A and other forms may still be needed for each student. Questions and forms can be submitted to the ICHSAP Secretary at minnie.emily@iowacityschools.org.