Child painting a ceramic project wearing apron

Enrichment Opportunities

  • The ICHSAP program offers optional, drop-in enrichment classes (P.E., Art, Library, STEAM etc.), field trips, access to local performances at Hancher and the Coralville Center for the Performing Arts, guest speakers and much more!

    • Please follow this link to see a sample of an ICHSAP Enrichment Class Schedule from the 2020-2021 school year.
    • An updated schedule with enrichment classes, field trips and special events like performances and guest speakers will be emailed to enrolled families every Friday through our Weekly Update.
    • Enrichment classes for ICHSAP students are optional and drop-in with no registration required.
    • Activities are offered at the ICHSAP center unless otherwise noted. 
    • Questions about ICHSAP enrichment classes, field trips and special events can be emailed to

    Here are some of the Enrichment opportunities currently offered via the ICHSAP:

    Course Descriptions:

    Art- Jump into your creativity & imagination and have fun!

    Circle Time- A time for students to gather in a circle to participate in a guided discussion or group activity.

    Literature & Writing- Enjoy time to think and share ideas through discussion and writing. Read and discuss literature by contemporary authors, women authors, and authors from all cultures and nations. 

    Math Games and Activities- Let's solve challenging problems connected to the real world.  Combine logic, thinking, math and fun. We will do riddles, puzzles, hands-on activities and more!

    Music- Jump into your creativity & enjoy this year's new music class!

    Physical Education- Wear comfortable clothing and tennis shoes and let's get moving!  Classes will be held outdoors, weather permitting.

    Science Discovery- Test your science skills with fun experiments, observations, and activities.  We will look to incorporate some STEAM activities into the lessons this year! Bring your science notebook to write down observations and activity results.

    Social Studies/History- Let's celebrate our country!  We will be learning about some amazing people who have called the United States home and the regions they live in.

    Special Events Fridays- The ICHSAP team will plan events that our families can participate in throughout the community.

    Story Time- Listen as we read beloved chapter books with interesting characters and diverse settings.

    Tech/Library- Library students will study books and learn new technology. We will also participate in Bookmadness, Global Read Aloud, the ICCSD Visiting Author Program and much more!   

    Teen Academic Support: Study Time, Online Learning & Diploma Progress- Let's meet to study together, set goals, work on Online Learning classes and plan your diploma transcript progress. Required attendance in grades 9-12 for earning the ICHSAP Diploma.

    Teen Adventure Time- Let's go! In addition to using the ICCSD van to find local activities, events or fun things to learn about and try out together we will also make time for other creative areas on-site; like theatre and exploring nature in the Burr Oak Reserve.  Recreational and educational!

    Teen Authors and Books Club (ABC)Enjoy time to think and share ideas!  We will choose novels from the Iowa Teen Award to study, discuss and do related activities.

    Teen Journal- Enjoy time to reflect and share in your journal.

    Teen Social Studies- Explore other nations and cultures by studying the geography, history, arts and daily life.  Look at artifacts, learn a bit of the language or try a traditional food.