Lions Care 2017-18

Lions Care 2017-18

  • Lincoln Students, Staff and Families Continue to Show that

    Lions Care!

    Dear Lincoln Lion Families,

    Lincoln’s All-School Project, has turned its focus to the country of Haiti.  Last week, after reading, A Cool Drink of Water, by Barbara Kerley, students learned that every day, almost a billion people make a three-hour journey to gather water.  There is a water crisis throughout the world that is creating economic, social, educational, and life-threatening conditions. We looked at the connection between clean water, sanitation, medical care and education for many of Haiti’s children. We began our fundraising efforts with an all-school coin drive. So far we have raised a little over $600.


    Our year-long, Lions Care Fundraising Goal is: $5,750.

    • $2,750 for a well for children at Ecole St. Cornes de la Colline, a school in Haiti, through H2O for Life, a 501c3 non-profit organization.
    • $3000 to fund a recycling center in Haiti through Community Health Initiative


    Here is a link, if you are interested in donating online to help build a well our partner school in Haiti, Ecole St. Cornes de la Colline:


    We hope that all students at Lincoln will benefit from our All-School Service Project.  Throughout the rest of the school year, students will be challenged to think about their own habits concerning water usage, and will develop awareness of the enormity of the issues surrounding water in our world.  


    Thank you for your support!


    H2O for life has posted photos of the school that we are helping in Haiti. If you click on the link, you can share with your kids.