• WebLink Requisitions

    With the exception of Amazon, Follett, and Mackin, most library orders require a requisition generated by using WebLink. The requisition will progress through the appropriate approval tree resulting in a purchase order (PO) that is submitted to the vendor. Click on the link above for more information about how to create a requisition using Weblink. 

  • Demco Ordering Procedures

    We are not set up for online ordering from Demco, but you can create an account so that you can submit a cart and receive a quote, which can then be attached to a WebLink requisition. The quote will reflect the appropriate Iowa discounts for the various items.

  • Local Purchase Orders

    When purchasing from a local vendor (Prairie Lights, Barnes & Noble, Daydreams Comics), and you will go to select and/or pick up the items yourself, the preferred method is for you to prepare a WebLink requisition. Request that the PO be emailed both to you, and to the vendor. It's a good idea to take a copy of the PO with you when you go to the store to pick up items.