Half-Day Preschool FAQ

  • What is the cost for a child to attend an ICCSD Preschool program?  All half-day preschool programs in the ICCSD are fully funded through the State-Wide Voluntary Preschool Program.  There is no tuition cost to families for their child to attend.

    What are the days and hours of the AM and PM programs?  The AM program meets Monday through Friday 7:55 – 10:45  The PM program meets Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday 12:00 – 2:55.  There is no PM program on Thursdays because the school district has early release for all students on this day.

    Are parents permitted to tour preschool classrooms?  Due to growing interest in our district preschool programs, we are unable to accommodate individual parent requests to visit preschool classrooms.  Parents will have the opportunity to attend the Preschool Parent Visit Day in the spring at the building their child will be attending.  Parents will also have the opportunity to meet the teacher and see the classroom at the Ice Cream Social in August.

    Do the preschool programs follow the ICCSD school year calendar?  Yes, the preschool programs follow the district calendar.  Preschool programs will have the same days off during the school year as K-12 students including Thanksgiving break, winter break, spring break, parent/teacher conference days, and teacher work days.

    What are the drop-off and pick-up procedures for the preschool programs?  The location of the drop-off and pick-up are determined by each individual program.  This may include meeting preschool staff at the front of the building, parents walking their child(ren) to the classroom, or parents meeting staff at an alternate location in the building.  Preschoolers MUST be dropped off or picked up directly with a preschool staff member.

    If the school district cancels school will preschool also be cancelled?  Yes, if school is cancelled due to inclement weather, electrical problems, heating failure, water main breaks, etc., preschool will also be cancelled for that day(s).

    What if there is a late start or early dismissal due to inclement weather?  If there is a late start (ex: 2 hour delay) the AM program will be cancelled for that day.  The PM session will still meet at its scheduled time.  If there is an early dismissal (ex: 2 hour early release) the PM program will be cancelled for that day.  The AM session will still meet at its scheduled time.

    If AM preschool is cancelled due to a late start or PM preschool is cancelled due to an early dismissal, will these days by made-up at the end of the school year?  No, there are no make-up days for preschool if an AM or PM session are cancelled due to a late start of early dismissal.

    Will snack be provided during the preschool session?  Yes, a daily snack is provided as part of the preschool program.  The ICCSD contracts with HyVee to provide a nutritious snack including fruits, vegetables, and healthy grains for all preschool programs.

    What is the procedure if my child will not be attending school due to illness, appointments, vacation, etc?  Parents should notify the school secretary prior to the start of the preschool session their child attends to let the school know the child will not be attending that day.

    If my child stays home from school due to illness, when are they allowed to return?  If a child has any one of the following conditions:  contagious disease, fever over 100 F, vomiting or diarrhea, the child must be free of symptoms, without medication, for 24 hours prior to returning to the preschool program.

    For more information about the ICCSD preschool programs please refer to the Preschool Parent Handbook on the ICCSD website: www.iowacityschools.org. Click on Programs, Preschool Program, Parent Handbook.