• Welcome to Liberty High School and the Iowa City Community School District!

    Learn more about the District's enrollment process.

    To begin the process of enrolling a new student at Liberty High, the parent/guardian should call the Counseling Office at (319) 688-1354 for an appointment.

    For a faster enrollment process, complete the enrollment forms located at right before your appointment. Either email them to keene.misty@iowacityschools.org, or bring them with you to the appointment.

    Be prepared to spend one to two hours in our office. This time will include an interview with your new school counselor. In most situations, the student will be able to start classes the following day.

    Enrollment Requirements

    • A parent/guardian must accompany the student to the counseling office.
    • Every new student will be given an HLS (Home Language Survey).
    • Proof of residence (Bring any 1 of the 3 items)
      • Utility bills with current address
      • Lease contract
      • Purchase agreement for home or condo
    • Placement tests in English (for student whose first language is not English) and mathematics may be arranged by the registrar.
    • If applicable, please bring the most recent I.E.P or 504 or special accommodation copies.

    Please also bring:

    • Unofficial or official transcript from previous school
    • Withdrawal grades from previous school
    • Immunization record
    • Copy of Birth Certificate for the student/passport or visa
    • Name and address of last school attended (email contact at previous school)
    • Money for Liberty High School fees