North Central Junior High School Diversity Club

  • Image of people icons in diverse colors holding hands in a circle

    We Are SSIKED!

    (Successful Students Inspired through Knowledge, Education, and Diversity)


    • Foster a climate of COMMUNITY and KINDNESS at NCJH
    • Create a culturally inclusive environment
    • Celebrate cultural history
    • Discuss societal issues
    • Explore the idea of code-switching
    • Encourage teamwork
    • Build student leadership skills (student-governing board for SSIKED/ROLO)
    • Motivate students to do well in school (academic challenge)
    • Ask for ACCEPTANCE, RESPECT, and EMPATHY at all times
    • Build bridges of understanding between people while having fun, making friends, learning, and growing!


    4:15–5:15 PM, Wednesdays, NCJH


    Jennifer McGowan, Student Family Advocate
    Cecilia Roudabush, Teacher