What is a GSA?

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    Gender Sexuality Alliance or a Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) is a student-led or community-based organization, found in middle and high schools as well as colleges and universities,  that are intended to provide a safe and supportive environment for LGBTQIA youth (or those who are perceived as such) and their straight allies. 

GSA By School

  • City High School 
    GSA is available to all students wanting to create a safe school environment for the LGBTQ community. Members of this group strive to educate City High about LGBT issues and to spread positive messages. 
    Meeting Time:
    Mondays at 4:00 PM in room 1316
    Sponsor: Jen Barr (Barr.Jennifer@iowacityschools.org)

    Liberty High
    PRISM: PRISM focuses on inclusivity and acceptance in our community. Our goal is to create a safe and empowering environment within our school by educating teachers and students on minority issues and discussing problems within the community. Open to all!
    Meeting Time: TBA
    Sponsor: Jennifer Saylor (saylor.jennifer@iowacityschools.org

    Tate High School
    Glitter Club
    Glitter Club is an all inclusive, supportive, safe place for students to meet and talk about issues. We have weekly topics, hold fund raisers, help with school functions, and attend the yearly LGBTQIA+  Youth Governor’s Conference. It is a fun and chill space to meet friends, eat snacks, and feel loved for being you!
    Meeting Time: TBA
    Sponsor: Jamie Ellis (jamie.ellis@unitedactionforyouth.org)

    West High School
    Meeting Time: TBA
    Sponsor: Kerri Barnhouse (barnhouse.kerri@iowacityschools.org), Travis Henderson (henderson.travis@iowacityschools.org)

    North Central Junior High School
    NCJH GSA is for anyone who is any LGBTQ+ identity or preference, or an ally. This is an open and accepting environment that is a safe place to talk and have a good time.
    Meeting Time:
    Mondays at 4-5:15 PM
    Jennifer McGowan (mcgowan.jennifer@iowacityschools.org)

    Northwest Junior High School
    SAGA (Sexuality and Gender Alliance):
    Formerly COLORS Club. For LGBTQIAA+ students, advocates, and allies.
    Meeting Time: 
    2nd and 4th Tuesday 4:05 - 4:45 PM
    Quinn Dreasler (dreasler.quinn@iowacityschools.org)

    Southeast Junior High School
    GLOW Club: 
    The mission of the SE Glow club is to educate the community about LGBTQIA issues; to build and support acceptance for everyone; to work to end bullying, harassment, and ignorant behavior in our school; to empower people to love themselves, and to be supportive friends to each other.
    Meeting Time: 
    Sara Palante (palante.sara@iowacityschools.org)