Keep Calm and Check Spelling, Punctuation, and Grammar

Spelling Practice Ideas

  • Ways to Practice Your Spelling Words
    _____ 1. Alphabetize the words.
    _____ 2. Divide each word into syllables.
    _____ 3. Write each word and circle the vowels.
    _____ 4. Write each word and circle the consonants.
    _____ 5. Write each word and cross out any silent letters.
    _____ 6. Write each word neatly in PEN.
    _____ 7. Write and neatly frame each word.
    _____ 8. Make a set of flash cards for studying your words.
    _____ 9. Use each word in a sentence and underline the spelling word.
    _____ 10. Write the words and a synonym for each word.
    _____ 11. Write the words and an antonym for each word.
    _____ 12. Scramble the words or make fill-ins.
    _____ 13. Draw a picture and "hide" the words in the picture.
    _____ 14. Type the words three times each.
    _____ 15. Make as many "mini-words" using the letters in each spelling word (making words).
    _____ 16. Classify each word according to its part of speech (noun, pronoun, verb, adjective, adverb, preposition, conjunction, and interjection).
    _____ 17. Cut the words out of a magazine/newspaper, and make a collage.
    _____ 18. Create a comic strip using the words.
    _____ 19. Locate the words in your textbooks or other reading materials. (Write down the book and page number where you found each word.)
    _____ 20. Make a word search using the words.
    _____ 21. For each spelling word, write three words with the same spelling pattern.
    _____ 22. Write tongue twisters with the words.
    _____ 23. Make a crossword puzzle on graph paper using the words.
    _____ 24. Write a definition for each word.
    _____ 25. Write a story using the words. Underline each word.
    _____ 26. Write the words in a code. Provide a key to your code (Ex. A=1, B=2, C=3, D=4, E=5…)
    _____ 27. Write couplets using the words. (Ex. He was fast in the past.)
    _____ 28. Write newspaper headlines using the words.