• With a larger school population, there is more need than ever to raise money to meet school needs and give our kids a variety of experiences.

    Our fundraising goal for this year is $11,000. We anticipate spending $16,000, including $5,400 for classroom and media support, $3,000 for field trips, and $3,000 for school “leagues."

    PENNY WARS are coming! 

    March 9–24. This fundraiser is one for the students, who are invited to bring in change and strategize in a friendly competition among the grades. TIP: In this game, pennies are the most valuable!

Budget Snapshot

  • What the PTA Pays For

    • 100% of field trips
    • Start-up money for all classroom teachers, specials, and programs
    • Old Creamery Theatre visit to the school
    • Steel drum Performance
    • Additional books and library materials
    • Teacher appreciation dinner on conference days
    • Substitutes to help during school testing periods