• During Advisory, most students will remain in their assigned Advisory classrooms for protected study time or they will pass for scheduled visits to their other teachers for re-teaching, make-up, or homework help. The Library, during Advisory, is reserved for quiet, independent study or quiet small group collaboration.  It is primarily used by students who have an open hour during 5th period. A few seats will be available for students who have a specific need for the libray on a particular day.

    • Students with 5th period open will receive a trimester-long pass so that they can remain in the library during Advisory. 
    • Other students may sign up for a limited number of Library Advisory Passes on a first-come, first-serve basis. 
    • Students must sign up at the Library desk and get a paper pass by noon on the day they wish to attend. 
    • At the beginning of Advisory, students must present the pas at the Math stairwell doorway to the library.
    • Teachers may request additional spots for students who have specific library needs for the day.

    Let's make the most of Advisory, every day!