• ICCSD Dual Enrollment

    Dual enrollment is enrollment in 1-5 subjects and can be done with or without ICHSAP participation. The student is required to attend school every day (both hybrid in person and online) for the subjects they are enrolled. At the elementary level, this is usually broken down to a specific portion of the school day (for example 7:55am - 10:45am daily). Dual enrolled students are held to the same attendance requirements as full time students (i.e. parents must call in when absent) and parents are responsible for the instruction the student does not receive at school. To satisfy the dual enrollment requirements, parents must choose at least one of the options below. 

    1. Hire a licensed practitioner (CPI).

    2. Parent or guardian serves as educator and student completes an annual assessment (FAST screening or ISASP).

    3. Participate in the Iowa City Home School Assistance Program (and make the quarterly contact requirements with a certified ICHSAP teacher).

    The dual enrollment process-

    1. e-Register with your attendance area school if you have not already done so. You can access e-Registration (click here for link) and choose either New Students or Returning Students in the menu.

    2. Fill out a Form A- Competent Private Instruction Report (click for link) (as well as your ICHSAP Enrollment Form if you plan to also join the ICHSAP) and turn it in or email it to the ICHSAP secretary at minnie.emily@iowacityschools.org.

    3. Your dual enrollment designation on the Form A will be a placeholder for when/if you do decide to move forward with dual enrollment. To complete your dual enrollment, please call or email your attendance area school secretary to talk over class schedules, choose the classes you want your student to take and ask your secretary to register your student in those classes. Next please fill out your CPI and Dual Enrollment Plan (link) which details the classes and times of attendance. Once completed you can email a copy of this form to your attendance area school secretary.