Overview of Our Mental Health Services

  • Iowa City Community School District provides mental health support through a multi-tiered system of support (levels of support for all, some, few) that includes district-wide systems, building level school staff and specific services provided to students and their families through community partnerships. 

Examples of Support

  • All District Staff

    • Promote positive, intentional, relationship building interactions with students
    • Reflect on teaching strategies and the impact on all student learners
    • Commit to creating a safe and supportive culture and climate for all students

    Specific Building Level School Staff

    K-12 School Counselors – in all buildings

    • Elementary – teach counseling curriculum which includes bullying prevention; lead small group and individual counseling and interventions; suicide response and intervention. 
    • Secondary – graduation progress plan and course scheduling; post-secondary planning; lead small group and individual counseling and interventions; suicide response and intervention.

    K-12 Student and Family Advocates – in all buildings

    • Coordination of school-based mental health services for students 
    • Crisis management and de-escalation support 
    • Suicide response and intervention 
    • Assistance with insurance, medication &/or healthcare access 
    • Advocacy with community providers, medical providers & school resources 
    • Parent education and support 
    • Individual and small group social skills instruction and/or counseling 
    • Teacher/school staff consultation
    • Referral and connection to school and community resources

    K-12 School Nurses – in all buildings

    • Oversee day-to-day health issues including medication administration, first aid, emergency triage, etc. 
    • Provide physical and mental health screenings, ongoing monitoring, specific prescribed medical procedures and treatments
    • Suicide response and intervention
    • Health education for students, families and staff 
    • Connect students and families to school and community health resources
  • Need a moment?
  • Check out our Support & Wellness Center for all our mental health resources in one place! 

Universal Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Resources for All Students

  • SEBH Universal Screener

  • Second Step & Steps to Respect Bullying Prevention Program

  • GEER Grant Overview

  • Coping Cat Curriculum for Students with Anxiety

Partnerships with Community Agencies to Provide Targeted Support As Needed

  • CommUnity Mobile Crisis Outreach Program

  • Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) Team

  • Dialectical Behavioral Training (DBT) in Schools

  • Grief Support

  • Healthy Kids School-Based Clinics

  • Interagency Agreements with SEBH focus Overview

  • Mental Health Counseling

  • School-Based Mental Health Psychiatry Services

  • Social-Emotional Support and Crisis Mediation

Community Resources & Active Partnerships

  • Mental Health Specific Partnership Examples

  • Additional Partnership Examples

  • Professional Development Opportunities Have Included