Hills PTO Minutes - November 2019

  • Nov. 12, 2019

    Attending: Lacy Benter, Tara Sterba, Alison Seaton, Carolyn Gelder, Lisa TeBockhorst, Kim Schilling, Angela Lyons, Andrea Frantz, Cassie Putney

    Minutes approved.

    Treasurer’s Report

    • Fall Fundraiser final profit $3428.40
    • Hills Apparel profit $79.31


    Unable to get to meetings

    Principal’s Report

    Building Goals

    • Reading and math goals have been set.
    • Decrease in office referrals goal set to be 137 for the school year which would be the 5% reduction from last year.
    • “Respect of differences” at 90%, goal to increase by 5%. “Value of diversity” at 86%, goal to     increase to 91%.
    • PBIS celebrations more relational.

    Building Events

    • Starting clubs
    • Citizenship assembly was great!
    • Conferences Thurs. (11/14) and Tues. (11/19)
    • Iowa Assessment scores from last year are coming home December 13th.

    Teachers' Report

    Ms. Seaton and Mrs. Gelder (ELL teachers): 60 students this year. Exit rate last year was ~20%; 10 kids were able to exit. Working with the building staff to help in general ed. ELL night was great! ELL families are providing food for Thurs. conference.

    Monthly Topics

    Conference meal update

    ELL has the meal covered. PTO provide dessert: Cassie and Lacy.

    Transportation for band and orchestra members to after school whole group band

    Lincoln school has yellow cab company contract. $120/student, $50/ reduced lunch student, free/student with free lunch. PTO pays the difference for free & reduced.

    • Car pools are hard to get organized and rely on
    • Hills has about 20 kids not attending after school whole group band/orchestra.
    • Not sure how many kids want to go. Can kids get picked up afterwards? Send out a survey?
    • Survey (Tara)
      • If you had transportation to after school, would you be committed to attend?
      • Are you able to pick up your child by 4:40?
    • Question: Who is responsible for child after band if not picked up?

    Fun Night: Friday, Feb. 7th

    • Food Committee (Angela): Concession stand a la cart style: Pizza (Andrea check with Hy-Vee), fruit (Cassie checking on applesauce), popcorn (Hills Bank: Popcorn & bags, Angela will contact), store bought dessert (No nuts, No peanut Butter), Lemonade (Hills Bank, Angela) Plates (Erika Neuzil, Hills food service employee, Angela)
    • Donation Committee (Cassie): reached out to families via facebook for additional help, spreadsheet new tab created, Cassie has room at house to make baskets as the items come in 
    • Games (Andrea)
      • plinko
      • pull the sucker
      • ball
      • golf
      • cake walk
      • hoops
      • pin the bolt
      • air planes
      • ring toss (Jason might make)
    • Volunteers (Tara): Sign up Genius for cake walk and for volunteers
    • Email Hawkeye players contact
    • People in the community: Deb Swartzendruber, Tim Kemp, Judi and friends, Helen Marner, Kathy Stevens
    • Tables (Lisa)- order from school- 15
    • Raffle: sell tickets ahead, big items (TVs, bicycles, gift cards)
      • Utilize black Friday deals
      • Multiple buckets to pull from, tickets all the same price and you choose which bucket you put in… 1. big item(s) 2. misc.
      • Gambling License (Andrea)
    • Communication- via email and see if we need December meeting for fun night
    • Book Fair volunteers needed: Tara send PTO email

    Meeting adjourned.

    Minutes submitted by Angela Lyons.