Hills PTO Minutes - September 2019

  • September 10, 2019

    Sandy Reynolds, Cassie Lackender, Taylor Butler, Tara Sterba, Stephanie Laverman, Kim Schilling, Andrea Frantz, Lacy Benter, Lisa TeBockhorst, Molly Hartzler 

    Welcome and Introductions

    Approval of Consent Items

    • Minutes 
    • Treasurer's report
      • Andrea passed out budget, while we have more expenses than revenue planned, we have enough in savings to cover and don’t usually hit all spending anyway
      • This year we are giving all teachers $100 for supplies 
      • All prior year expenses paid (except Tara has a small receipt from last year)
    • DPO report-no report
      • Taylor and/or Lacy may attend some this year 
      • Tara will send schedule to group
    • Principal's report
      • Enrollment is at 206 still with ins and outs
      • 1 tuition spot & 2 grant spots left in preschool
      • We received last year’s state report card (based on attendance, staff retention, ELL growth, FAST, participation, etc.), year prior to last we were at acceptable, past year moved to commendable, so big improvement
      • K-6 assessments at all levels to know strengths and areas of help needed
      • We have found out that kids have grown 3x expected rate from FAST scores
      • Bolt Binder initiative to increase family communication developed by PBIS team
      • Focusing on respect with daily announcements
      • Bookmobile every Tuesday afternoon
      • Next Tuesday 9/17 is Bolt Bonanza back to school night, dinner served in oldest child’s classroom, and at 6:30 we go to gym for Dancing Drum
      • Last year standardized test results are still being scored
      • Great start to new year, even with staff changes in key positions
      • ELL night is either Oct 10 or 17
      • Parents welcome to be on PBIS team and community engagement committee 

    Teacher's report – Molly Hartzler

    • Preschool starting with 17 kids
    • Off to a great start, big impact with PBIS focus on preschool age
    • Last year awarded NAYCE (National Accred for Young Child Education) accreditation for 5 years, proving quality of program
    • Shared Visions grant needs to be reapplied for preschool program funding
    • Preschool going to Sass farm, PTO will cover busing  

    Monthly Topics

    • 2019-2020 Event Calendar
    • Fall Fundraiser
      • Orders due Friday 9/19, orders come in Oct. 22nd
    • Fundraising Ideas
      • Update Artwork fundraiser
        • Original Works seems better than Artsonia because they can have paper order forms, better products and easier to administer
        • We would like to try to have the artwork to share at Nov (week of 14th) conferences to show parents
        • Tara will get more details from company and give to Lisa, then Lisa will talk to Amanda about timing. 
      • Fundraising Letter
        • Last year we sent fundraising letter which some people may like to do instead of buying something, it didn’t do well but may take a while to catch on
        • We should send again soon, in October. We can give to Lisa and have her put in a Friday bolt binder. 
      • Other ideas: 
        • Penny wars, or tape the principal to the wall, decorate a tile (family buys a tile and decorates it), painting rocks, 50/50 raffle, shoe pickup (could partner with church & bank, bar, etc.), backpack swap, and supply drive at year end (biggest thing they need is Kleenex, markers, pencil boxes, notebooks-Lisa will have Lori put together list)
    • Hills Shirts
      • Tshirt order forms ready to go, all paper form orders. New design is well liked. 
      • Will have table at Bolt Bonanza with forms. Andrea will bring cash box if people want to pay. 
      • Would like to offer once or twice a year depending on sales. Same pricing as last year.
      • Order window is through Sept. 27, they will be in Oct. 11. 
    • Fun Night Information-Friday, February 7
      • Andrea already submitted request to district so we can start fundraising 
      • Backup snow day February 21
    • Bolt Bonanza- Tuesday, Sept. 17
      • PTO table
      • Hills Shirts, window clings and water bottles

    Other business and questions

    Adjourn  7:30

    Minutes recorded by Tara Sterba.