ELP Screening

  • The ELP program is appropriate for students who are at the highest academic levels in their grade. Students in elementary school can enter the screening pool by teacher nomination, parent nomination, and/or high performance on the Iowa Statewide Assessment of Student Progress (ISASP). Students at the junior high level will be eligible for ELP services if they met the criteria as a 6th grade student, or if they meet the criteria as a new student moving into the district. All students in kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade are screened in the fall of each year, so there is no need for parent nominations (unless a child moves into the district mid-year). 

    All students in 2nd  and 5th grades will participate in a universal screener. Each fall, 5th grade students will be screened for Extended Learning Program (ELP) services in the current school year, and 2nd grade students will be screened each spring to determine eligibility for ELP services in 3rd grade. Families will receive notification about these screenings when it is scheduled at their child(ren)'s school. 

    Parents/guardians of 3rd grade and 6th grade students have the opportunity to nominate their child(ren) to be screened for eligibility to participate in the Extended Learning Program. Nominations will be accepted in the spring of these grades, in preparation for the upcoming school year. Parents may contact their child's classroom teacher, the school ELP teacher, or the ELP coordinator prior to spring break to express an interest in screening a student for ELP services in the spring of 3rd grade or 6th grade.