• Download the ICCSD app so you can receive important updates from the Iowa City Community School District.

    The app has over 65 languages available.  Go to the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store to download the free ICCSD app.

     ICCSD app pic

    If you have an iPhone or iPad, here are some directions and pictures of how to download the app from the Apple App Store: 

    1. Click on the “App Store” app on your iPhone or iPad. 

    App Store pic


    2. Type “ICCSD” in the search bar. 

    Search bar


    3. If you have already downloaded the ICCSD app in the past, click where it says “OPEN”. If this is your first time downloading the app, it will say “GET” next to the app. Click “OPEN” or “GET”. 

    OPEN or GET


    4. The app will open and you will see a box that says “ICCSD” Would Like To Send You Notifications”.  Click “Allow”. This is how you will receive important updates in the app.

    Allow Notifications


     5. When you see this screen, click “Choose from list”. 

    Choose from list


    6. Select any of the schools that you would like to receive notifications about.  After you are done selecting schools, click “Next”. 

    Select schools


    7. Click “Finish”. 



    8. You will see a screen that looks like this: 

    app pic


    9. Swipe to the left and keep swiping to the left until you come to the last screen that looks like this. Click on “Settings”. 



    10. Click on “Select Language”: 

    Select Language


    11. You can scroll down the screen to view the 65 languages and select the language you want: 

    Language options

    Now you will receive important messages from the Iowa City Community School District in the language you have selected.