• ICCSD Online: PK-12 Online Learning Program

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  • For questions about enrollment, registration, or supplies, please contact your child’s school office (School Directory) or call the Educational Services Center at (319) 688-1000.

    For technical questions (regarding District-issued devices, internet access, or other technology-related topics) contact the ICCSD Technology Helpdesk.

    If you have a question that was not addressed in the Frequently Asked Questions section, please use this form to submit your question for review by our team.

How to Enroll

  • Enrollment Second Trimester 2020/2021:

    For families wishing to enroll in the ICCSD PK-12 Online Learning Program (ICCSD Online), the enrollment process is simple and is open between October 28, 2020, and November 4, 2020.  While ICCSD Online is new for the District, the process is nearly identical to that used to enroll in our traditional school settings. Families planning to enroll students in ICCSD Online should make their selection in PowerSchool by clicking on the Permissions link on the left side of the page. During the student e-Registration process, families will have two options. Those opting into ICCSD Online should select Option B:

    • Option A: Enroll the student, as normal, in a standard class section.  This option would follow our Continuum of Learning Models and may meet on-site, in a hybrid scenario (partially on-site, partially off-site), in a remote continuous learning scenario (off-site), or any combination of these throughout the year, depending upon current state guidance and local health conditions.
    • Option B: Enroll the student in ICCSD Online, which will enroll the student in online coursework for the year.

    After the enrollment period, families may request a change in their selection at each trimester.  Please see the ICCSD Online FAQ section for further information on enrolling in or out of the program.

    While completing e-Registration in PowerSchool ensures that your student has a spot in the program, specific class, and section assignments will not be completed until closer to the beginning of the school year/next trimester. Please note that at the elementary level, classes may run as a typical straight grade classroom (i.e. 1st grade) or as a multi-age classroom (i.e. 3rd-4th grade combination classroom) and could have class sizes larger than class sizes in our elementary buildings. At the secondary level, enrolling in the online program during e-Registration does not guarantee a student will be in the classes he or she selected in the spring, as non-core class ICCSD Online offerings will be based on student enrollment.

    s a District, we recognize the deep connections students develop with their school.  ICCSD Online provides students with opportunities to meet teachers and students from across the District while retaining a connection to their home school. Although students could be in a class with students from other schools within the District, each student will still be enrolled in the school that he or she would have otherwise attended.  For example, a family in the Alexander Elementary attendance zone with students in 5th, 7th, and 10th grades would enroll those students at Alexander, Northwest, and West, respectively.  However, these students could have classmates from schools across the District. This provides our online learners the best of both worlds - an ability to socialize with students from a variety of schools while maintaining an identity associated with their home school.